Belt conveyor pulleys: components your plant can’t miss

The key role of efficient belt conveyor pulleys

Given that conveyor systems operate thanks to the work of an array of different components, belt conveyor pulleys need to be installed for the equipment to move and function. Besides drive pulleys having the essential responsibility for driving the belt, other specific devices are required so it follows the desired path during conveying. Therefore, the use of efficient and long-life pulleys is essential to cost-efficient material handling and high-capacity production. As specialized manufacturer of premium material handling components for conveyors, Rulmeca a complete and high-quality selection of belt conveyor pulleys.

Benefits of Rulmeca belt conveyor pulleys

Worldwide customers know and long for Rulmeca as producer and supplier of material handling components for their conveyor systems. The great and widespread reputation of our company is basically due to the availability of a complete and versatile range of high-quality and reliable products suitable for multiple industrial applications.

High-quality manufacturing

Rulmeca belt conveyor pulleys stand out for their excellent quality resulting in reliable, safe and durable performance, as well as reduced maintenance costs. Multiple aspects merge together to get that, starting from the qualified experience and know-how of Rulmeca team. Our experts employ precise and innovative manufacturing techniques, supported by advanced technology, to make the right calculation of data to determine features and dimensions and to achieve the optimal and secure assembly of all mechanical parts. Moreover, Rulmeca relies on highly selected materials which contribute to produce steady and long-lasting pulleys to be used on heavy duty conveyors in several applications. All this results in final Quality Assurance systems: Rulmeca belt conveyor pulleys are certified to ISO 9001, complying with high quality management system standards.

Belt conveyor pulleys

Adapted configurations

In order to set up a complete and perfectly functioning conveyor system, Rulmeca designs and manufactures various types of belt conveyor pulleys which differ according to their role and position in the belt conveyor layout:

  • drive pulleys: intended to drive the belt;
  • return pulleys: intended to redirect the belt back to the drive pulley;
  • bend pulleys: intended to change the direction of the belt;
  • idler pulleys: intended to provide tensioning to the belt;
  • snub pulleys: intended to improve the traction of the drive pulley.

Additional factors influence the selection of the right belt conveyor pulleys. Like any component, their configuration depends on the type of system and the load of the transported material. Following a precise calculation of general construction data (dimensions of the belt, stress potential, distribution of load to name a few), Rulmeca products may be dimensioned according to the features of each conveyor and application.

Suitable for bulk handling applications

Conveyor systems are used in plenty of industries, even those featuring extreme operational conditions and transportation of heavy loads of bulk aggressive materials. This is the case for mines, cement industries, quarries and tunnels, salt and sugar plants, steel and power plants, recycling and crushing industries, ports and terminals. The extensive range of Rulmeca belt conveyor pulleys provides a wide choice designed to build flowing running heavy duty conveyors which are able to meet the demanding requirements of these industrial applications.

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