Bulk handling experience of Rulmeca

The wide range of Rulmeca Bulk handling products is applied in numerous industrial sectors. Also, the company has a leader position and a widespread presence in the international market of this field. To prove that, Rulmeca presents some of the many and most important plants manufacturers and customers it served during its long-time activity.

Rulmeca leadership

Transportation and handling of big quantities of bulk materials is an essential process in several industrial sectors. Mines, cement industries, quarries and tunnels, salt and sugar plants, steel and power plants, recycling and crushing industries, ports and terminals need highly reliable conveyor systems to respond to criticalities of the transported material or the installation environment. Rulmeca is a global leader designer and manufacturer of components for conveyor; therefore, it’s the ideal partner for industries operating in the above-mentioned sectors. Indeed, its long-time activity in this field and the established experience during years allowed the company to design technologies which are suitable for different operating requirements and to get a widespread presence on the most important international markets.

Last successful projects

During years, Rulmeca dealt with several projects, dedicating to the design, manufacturing and installation of bulk handling components for the most various industrial sectors. The successful collaborations it undertook with important international manufacturers and end users prove the quality, reliability and durability of Rulmeca products not only in standard use conditions (handling of big quantities and large lump size materials), but also in more critical circumstances. Here follow some works showing the ability of Rulmeca to satisfy the most demanding requests in the sector.

Protection against corrosion and abrasion

More than once, Rulmeca products passed the test of corrosion and abrasion resistance, due to specific environmental conditions or to the type of transported material. This is the case of Rulmeca motorized pulleys whose hermetically sealed design allowed, for example, to Buzzi Unicem USA company to tackle limestone abrasion and occasional tunnel flooding in an Oklahoma cement plant. Similarly, slag handling and recovery activity of German AGR Gruppe benefited from the design of Rulmeca motorized pulleys to withstand the presence of ash dust, sharp-edged metal residues and corrosive compounds formed on contact with moisture. Rulmeca motorized pulleys also successfully challenged the effects of corrosion and abrasion due to salt accumulation in the humid Louisiana state in the famous Cargill Deicing American salt mine. Instead, with similar environmental conditions, typical of the maritime environment, the Italian company Mec Handling chose to install Rulmeca TOP Rollers on the whole offshore conveyor system of GPIC Bahrain company to handle urea.

Low environmental impact and energy saving

Together with downtime and maintenance reduction, low energy consumption is one of the advantages of Rulmeca products the international industry appreciates and look for. For example, in Thailand the use of conveyors is increasingly taken into consideration from an ecological point of view. Here, Rulmeca met the requirement of increasing energy efficiency of conveyors installed in Egat power plant and opencast mine Mae Moh. The latter has also benefited from Rulmeca products in terms of reduction of CO2 and acoustic emissions. Indeed, the company supports many industries which aim at reducing the environmental impact of their activities, too. Hofor, energy producer company of Copenhagen, is a prime example: it chose Rulmeca motorized pulleys to primarily reach the so-called carbon neutraliy and low noise rollers to reduce noise pollution.

Atex certification

Rulmeca can design conveyor systems which are compliant with requirements established by ATEX 2014/34/EU Directive, which means to be suitable for explosive environments. For example, when Rulmeca manufactured conveyors for Rapid refinery in Malaysia and Ukrainian exporter company of agricultural products Kernel LLC, it selected its components in respect of the effective norm, so that both systems could function according to required standards avoiding damages or problems.


High performance

Highly selected materials

Long serving life
and high reliability

maintenance costs

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