Motorized pulleys and components for belt conveyors

Rulmeca produces motorized pulleys and components for belt conveyors that are versatile and successful products, that thanks to their simplicity and easy installation, economy of use and limited maintenance. They have their applications both in small conveyors and heavy duty plants such as mining, agriculture, fixed and mobile quarries plants, crushing and screening machines, demolition and recycling.

The Rulmeca motorized pulleys are totally sealed, have protection grade IP67 and powers up to 250 kW.
The motorized pulleys for belt conveyors are easy to install, working in any type of environment, take less space, are clean and silent, and in comparison with exposed drives they have a higher performance and a lower power consumption.

The motor, gears and bearings are totally closed inside the steel tube, so they cannot be damaged by any kind of working conditions, even the most extreme ones, such as water, dust, dirt, sand, chemical substances, grease and oil.

The Bulk handling Motorized Pulleys (belt conveyors for bulk handling) range from a minimum diameter of 138mm to a maximum diameter of 1.000mm and are suited even to the most difficult working conditions, irregular, extreme and brutal ones, also with heavy duty belt conveyors.

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