RULMECA: key components for belts conveyors

What are the key components for belt conveyors that are part of the RULMECA range?

In the Bulk Handling industry, a belt conveyor has to be considered one of the most crucial elements for a flawless supply/production chain.

Most commonly used in the transportation of bulk materials such as sand, salt, coal, grain and so on, these systems usually consist of a minimum of two pulleys that allow the creation of constant rotation to produce the continual carrying of goods. The conveyor belt is moved by rollers and the materials are carried forward in a virtually never-ending loop, enhancing productivity and safety for the operators while maintaining a constant control over the transported goods.

Conveyors are also extraordinarily useful in the handling of goods within distribution structures, even though in the case of Unit Handling, the belt conveyors are different from those used to transport large amounts of loose materials such as those mentioned above. In general terms, the full range of belt conveyors currently available on the market allows its extensive use in different applications, such as automated distribution, warehousing, production and manufacturing facilities, wholesale and retail.

The main benefits granted by belt conveyors

State-of-the-art belt conveyors guarantee several different benefits that span from increased production to implemented safety for human operators.

Among the main advantages granted by this labor-saving solution, it’s worth mentioning:

  • Increase of volumes that can move rapidly to a process
  • Increased rapidity in shipping
  • Reduced storage expenses
  • Decreased human labor expense
  • Maximum versatility
  • Effective quality/cost ratio
  • Successful management of both regular and irregular shaped objects of any dimension and weight
  • Increased level of security for staff
  • Several different applications available

The typical flexibility of belt conveyors is just one of the many features that have marked its transversal success both in Bulk and Unit Handling applications.

Especially when it comes to the Bulk sector, belt conveyors are an invaluable ally in different fields of applications and industrial processes. Among the applications that most benefit from this solution, it’s worth mentioning mines, steel plants, coal power plants, cement industries, refineries, chemicals and fertilizer industries, salt/sugar plants, ports, quarries and concrete plants.

RULMECA’s range of solutions for belt conveyors

When it comes to belt conveying, RULMECA’s range of products for Bulk Handling is exceptionally vast and includes:

  • Rollers: high-quality solutions that guarantee an adequate working life with the result that equipment may function without the business of the plant being interrupted.
  • Transoms and supports: a series of products for bulk handling, made of upper carrying sets to support the loaded section of the belts and move the materials, and lower sets to support the unloaded belt on its return section.
  • Motorized pulleys: one of RULMECA’s core products, successfully manufactured for over fifty years using materials of the highest quality in a production process employing advanced technology.
  • Conveyor drums: reliable and long lasting, they effectively reduce maintenance costs. RULMECA drums are manufactured adopting a high degree of safety as regards their sizing.
  • Accessories: to increase the life expectancy of the conveyor belts. The RULMECA solutions include several different belt cleaners to assure efficiency and to reduce maintenance times, PU scrapers made of blades in Polyurethane, covers to protect the conveyed materials while reducing the dispersion of powders, and impact bars to prevent damage to the belt at its loading points.

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