Premium material handling components

Our core business: conveyor parts manufacturer and supplier

Rulmeca is a leader designer, manufacturer and supplier of premium material handling components for conveyors. Founded in 1962, the Group started its activity in Italy and gradually expanded during years through the foundation and acquisition of other manufacturing companies establishing an international presence in the most important markets. Now, with 17 production and sales companies all around the world, Rulmeca Group serve customers in more than 85 countries, addressing both conveyor systems manufacturers and end user industries operating in different industrial sectors. Of course, our corporate philosophy is what helped us growing big and what still makes us a renowned reference in the field.

Why choose Rulmeca

Our business is vital for most industries since the use of conveyor systems has become essential to improve and fasten all processing, storage and transport processes, with the further advantage of cutting costs and reducing product damages. As guarantee of that, Rulmeca manufactures high quality material handling components for conveyors whose design and technical features comply with the highest standards of efficiency, safety and durability. Moreover, striving to maintain the highest degree of customer satisfaction, Rulmeca invests its innovative spirit in the constant evolution of its products and the launch of new ones. Besides the excellent and proved quality, Rulmeca stands out against competition conveyor parts manufacturers and suppliers for its unique and complete range of products whose application stretches from bulk to unit material handling. Last but definitely not least, our company is customer-oriented: we believe in the creation of trusted relationships with customers and we are committed to provide them with a constant technical support in all design and sales phases.

Premium material handling components

Our material handling components and their applications

Our catalogue of premium material handling components for conveyors includes rollers, idlers, drive rollers, drum motors, motorized pulleys and all accessories, including belt cleaners, covers or impact bars, aimed at increasing life expectancy of conveyors. Moreover, in addition to its technical support to customers, Rulmeca makes two specifically designated platforms available to everyone to download the drawings in 3D and 2D format of bulk and unit products upon registration.

Bulk handling

Rulmeca focused its starting conveyor parts manufacturing activity on bulk material handling, becoming a world leader in the field. Bulk handling area concerns heavy duty belt conveyors which are required to work in extreme conditions and carry large quantities and heavy loads of bulk abrasive and corrosive materials. Hence, Rulmeca conveyor components for bulk material handling address fields like mines, cement industries, quarries and tunnels, salt and sugar plants, steel and power plants, recycling and crushing industries, ports and terminals.

Unit handling

During years, bulk handling production has been extended and integrated with a wide range of conveyor components for unit material handling. These products are specifically designed to move items or unit formats which can be handled independently, regardless of their quantity or dimension. Therefore, this field is basically related to intralogistics which pertains to various applications, including food and beverage industry, airports, ecommerce, distribution centers and warehousing, postal services, manufacturing and packaging industries.

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