Rollers PSV for heavy-duty conveyors withstand critical conditions of bulk handling industry

Rollers are key components for belt conveyors in bulk handling industry, therefore the choice of high-quality products is essential. Critical conditions of the main bulk handling sectors may represent a problem for the operation of the whole system, but heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV manufactured by Rulmeca are the ideal solution to guarantee a long and efficient working life of the conveyor.

Risks and critical conditions of bulk handling

Typical bulk handling applications are mines, quarries, cement works, coal-fired electric utilities and dock installations. All these sectors share critical conditions. First of all, bulk handling conveyors always operate with high working loads and transport large lump size material. Moreover, they usually function in extreme environmental conditions, with the presence of dust, dirt, water, low and high temperatures or a large temperature imbalance between day and night in particular climates which could jeopardize the functioning of the conveyor system and its components. Speaking of rollers, besides their potential failures, one of the possible risks is fire, due (under particular conditions) to the accumulation and subsequent release of electrostatic charges, as well as to the formation of sparks as a result of mechanical damage in particularly critical environments.

Considering all these potential critical conditions, the choice of high-quality rollers is essential to achieve a production improvement and a reliable and longer working life of the conveyor, that is reduction of potentials failures, avoidance of accumulation of static electricity, avoidance of frequent replacements and minimum maintenance costs. Rulmeca provides heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV, which perfectly fulfill these duties, as they are manufactured using high selected materials and accurately designed.

Why choosing heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV

The wide range of Rulmeca products for bulk handling industry includes rollers PSV for belt conveyors whose features can better solve all potential risks than other companies’ rollers. All rollers for belt conveyors usually share a typical external aspect. Nevertheless, Rulmeca heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV stand out for their excellent quality, as several comparison tests on the field with local companies’ rollers have proved so far.

Hermetically sealed design

Heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV easily resist against the deposit of dust and dirt, the ingress of water, the condensation caused by large thermal changes of certain climates and other extreme environmental conditions. For instance, the working temperature of rollers PSV is defined as between -20°C and + 100°C, but it is possible to reach temperatures outside of this range using special grease, bearings and seals. The sealing system is a crucial part of rollers PSV, as it efficiently protects bearings from all these harmful elements. The use of multiple labyrinth seals is what most ensures and increases resistance to these working conditions. Thus, potential infiltrations are forced to travel a more extended path before entering deeply the roller.

Cold rollers

Rulmeca heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV are less prone to overheating and do not reach alarming temperatures in use, in fact they can function in satisfactory conditions for a long time because their temperature remains low (below 50°C) even after some days of functioning. That’s why they have been called the “cold rollers”. It follows that no recurring replacements are needed to prevent failures or fire and, therefore, less maintenance costs are required.


Long working life, even in heavy duty and harmful conditions

Robust, precise and welded construction

Hermetic sealing system with multiple labyrinth seals

Optimum grease fills

Polyamide bearing cages

Concentricity deviations
< 0.2 mm

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Heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV

Heavy-duty conveyor rollers PSV

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Cold rollers for cool calculators

The conveyor technology specialist Tecnología en Transporte (TTM) carried out extensive tests on the belt conveyor system used by a Chilean company dealing with the transportation of crushed limestone for cement production. Data measured during a 188 days test showed the undisputed superiority of Rulmeca rollers, compared to Chilean ones, especially in terms of limited overheating in use and resistance to dust and dirt.

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