Rulmeca and cement plants: a successful combination

As international producer and supplier of a wide range of material handling solutions, Rulmeca is the main point of reference for the so-called bulk applications. This field includes multiple industrial applications, all characterized by the transport of high volumes of bulk materials, including cement plants. For these ones, Rulmeca designs and produces the best cement handling and transport solutions.

The importance of cement plants in a national economy

Construction industry plays a key role in the development of a country’s infrastructure and, therefore, of its economy. Cement plants are one of the main industrial activities which serve the construction sector. Oman Cement Company is a prime example of this correlation. Nowadays, as the main cement plant in Oman, the company is the backbone of the national construction industry and it provides the necessary buildings and resources for the nation’s self-sufficiency, thanks to the high and continuously increasing production capacity of its conveyor system for cement handling and transportation. As often happens, Rulmeca came into play and contributed to this success when the cement plant showed the need to optimize its conveyor performances to increase the production. In cooperation with Synergy International FZE company in charge of the project, our company, due to its long-time experience in the construction and renewal of conveyor systems, provided new high-performance rollers for the retrofit of the existing system: the minimum investment to extend the life span of the whole conveyor, keeping its structure.

How to increase the production capacity of a conveyor

A first step to optimize the performances of a conveyor and increase production is certainly to speed up belt running. However, in case of cement plants like Oman Cement Company, the increase of production capacity necessarily requires a higher payload. Indeed, this sector is intrinsically characterized by the transport of high loads and large lump size of cement, in addition to the frequent presence of critical working conditions as well. Finally, long durability and efficiency of the system contribute to keep production standards high. As a result, the use of premium quality and reliable components is always essential to handle and convey cement. Rulmeca, global leader in the field, offers a wide range of rollers which meet all the mentioned requirements excellently, compared to traditional ones of inferior quality.

Rulmeca rollers to convey cement

Rulmeca solutions are ideal for cement plants all over the world, since the company designs and produces only high-performance rollers which allow conveyors to reach and keep high standard of production for a long time and to meet specific demands of this sector. Cement Oman Company is a case in point, since it experienced and tested the quality and efficiency of different types of Rulmeca rollers, whose combination allowed the increase of conveyor production capacity. First of all, the conveyor retrofit project provided for the installation of PSV rollers, which are specifically designed for heavy-duty continuous operations under high workloads which are typical of cement plants. Exactly in this regard, specific loading rollers have been installed in order to absorb the impulse generated by the impact of the material on the belt. Finally, in order to prevent another possible complication of the transport of high volumes of cement, Rulmeca also provided its guide rollers, which are able to correct the possible loss of balance of the belt. Anyway, in general, Rulmeca rollers boast an excellent smooth running, reducing thermal stress. Moreover, their long durability and their high efficiency ensure minimum maintenance costs for the whole system. These qualities are guaranteed by the use of highly selected materials and also by the sealing system protecting bearings and minimal concentricity tolerances.


High performance

Excellent smooth running

Highly selected materials

Efficient sealing system

Long serving life
and high reliability

maintenance costs

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Cement conveyor belt retrofit with high-performance rollers from Rulmeca

Oman Cement Company, which the main cement plant and the backbone of the construction industry of the whole country, relied on Rulmeca to achieve its goal: to increase the production capacity of its conveyor which transports hot cement powder. With a retrofit of the existing system, Rulmeca provided a combination of different types of rollers to the company in charge of the project, in order to optimize the performances of the existing conveyor. The result was successful: the conveyor obtained a 66% increase in capacity, from 150 tph to 250 tph. Nowadays, the production capacity is 2.4 million metric tons of cement a year, but it is continuously increasing.

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