Rulmeca supports the goals of the energy sector

Rulmeca has worked for power plants around the world operating in the energy sector, successfully satisfying their needs, for years. In order to provide continuous energy, an interruption-free transportation system of materials powering production plants is needed. In this, Rulmeca is a global leader: our company designs and realizes the best components for bulk handling conveyors.

Towards a low environmental impact

Rulmeca presence in the energy sector is due to the realization of conveyors for underground and open-air extraction plants which provide power plants with bulk materials, including coal or biomass, for the production of energy. Our products are ideal for the uninterrupted handling of high loads and, thanks to the quality of the materials used, they ensure maximum efficiency even with critical environmental conditions and temperatures. However, Rulmeca production also helps the reduction of the environmental impact, which is a current topic, as well as a common purpose shared by most industrial activities, including power plants. In this regard, the so-called carbon neutrality, that is the achievement of net-zero carbon emissions, is one of the most aimed goals. Not only that: low noisiness of components as well is an important and sometimes crucial aspect in modern production plants to decrease noise pollution. A prime example of these double need can be found in Hofor, power supplier of Copenhagen, which successfully relied on Rulmeca products to meet these requirements and cut its environmental impact more and more.

Rulmeca products

Through time, the planning skills of Rulmeca experts allowed our company to develop technologies for material handling which are able to limit the negative environmental impact of the plants they are installed on. As evidenced by the project completed with Hofor energy company, Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys and rollers are the best products to reach this aim.

Drum motors

Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys, specifically designed for bulk handling, are high performance components, featuring a totally enclosed and sealed design. In other words, the integration of all components within the product ensures extreme strength, safety and protection against external agents. The electric motors used by our Motorized Pulleys are more efficient than traditional ones and, besides guaranteeing a high energy saving, they allow to reduce carbon emissions. Moreover, the benefits which push many companies to prefer our Motorized Pulleys rather than traditional ones are certainly the reduction of downtimes and low energy and maintenance costs.

Low noise rollers

According to the Directive RL 2000/14/EC about noise emission in the environment by equipment, Rulmeca dealt with the design of specific low noise rollers. In addition to boast an efficient sailing system and an excellent smooth running which help the long durability and efficiency of the product in time, the design of these rollers, compared to standard ones, ensures a significative decrease of vibrations and noise emissions up to 12 dB (A) Lwa. Moreover, it’s possible to add internal damping elements to increase the reduction of noise up to 14 dB(A) Lwa.


High performance

Highly selected materials

Long serving life
and high reliability

maintenance costs

Electric motors with
reduced carbon emissions

Low noise rollers

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Hofor Project

After many years of collaboration, Rulmeca responded to the determined will of Hofor, energy producer company of Copenhagen, of reaching a new goal: the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2025. With this in mind, the installation of 32 Motorized Pulleys to transport biomass allowed the company to increasingly reduce its carbon emissions. Moreover, the use of 8.806 low noise rollers helped to lower the environmental impact of the company, limiting noise pollution in all the surrounding areas.

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