The wide use of Rulmeca bulk handling products

Before expanding its production with unit handling components, Rulmeca focused its business on the production of bulk handling components, becoming a world leader in the field. With a wide range of quality products, our company has always met the numerous and demanding industrial fields where it’s necessary to move large quantities and heavy loads of bulk materials, in presence of more or less critical environmental conditions.

Multiple application fields

The need of industrial sectors moving bulk materials lies in the installation of sturdy conveyors which are able to bear heavy loads and withstand the wear due to critical conditions and hard transported materials. With a wide range of constantly evolving rollers, motorized pulleys and other components and quality materials, Rulmeca offers the most suitable products for any specific application, the different environmental conditions and the type of transported material.

Extractive activity: quarries and mines

In extractive sites, material handling systems are exposed to very hard conditions and subject to a significant wear. The sturdy and resistant Rulmeca products are able to move high loads and withstand the constant abrasion and the heavy presence of dust due to materials like coal, lignite, gold, copper, minerals, clay, sand, gravel, limestone, stones and much more. Not only that, thanks to the high quality of the selected materials, our components can be used with different temperatures, even the most extreme ones, therefore they can be used both for underground and opencast extraction.

From cement industries to power plants

Rulmeca products are not only suitable for raw material extraction, but for the whole processing, transport and use cycle of these materials which are used, for example, by cement industries to produce cement for the construction of infrastructures and by power plants to produce energy. In these cases, conveyors are essential to create a direct connection to the extractive site or simply handle raw materials from unloading to processing, up to the transportation of the final product.

Refineries and chemical industries

Rulmeca production also includes suitable products to overcome the environmental conditions of salt and sugar plants, chemical industries and fertilizer industries. In these fields as well, it’s necessary that conveyors meet the requirements of the operative conditions for them to offer high and long performance. The anticorrosive design of Rulmeca products ensures a high resistance to the corrosive and abrasive action of transported raw materials, including the most aggressive chemicals, which are responsible for the wear of the whole conveyor.

Port and offshore operations

Not only the transported material, but also the presence of water and humidity is a corrosive factor Rulmeca products are particularly resistant to. This makes them suitable for maritime environment which features high humidity levels by its nature. Our components can perform an efficient and lasting application in offshore or near sea handling systems, installed to carry out major import and export operations of the most varied products on the market.

Crushing, screening and recycling

The range of Rumeca products is designed for crushing, screening, selection and recycling plants for bulky industrial waste and demolition and construction materials as well, where the use of conveyors helps to optimize material handling on site, increasing storage capacities and reducing downtime. Thanks to their high efficiency and minimal wear, Rulmeca components are suitable to handle accumulation and high flow of the most varied and often corrosive and abrasive materials: aggregates like sand, gravel, clay and stone chippings, but also bricks, concrete, cement, asphalt, metals, wood, glass and much more.


High performance

Highly selected materials

Long serving life
and high reliability

maintenance costs

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