2023: year of expansion for Rulmeca Group

Rulmeca’s history is about a growth path driven by a constant inclination to development and new projects. Over the years, the Group founded and acquired ever-new production and commercial companies to manufacture and sale material handling components worldwide. The year 2023 marks a new important step for Rulmeca: expansion projects are in progress in some facilities with the aim of further increasing the capacity of production and distribution of products.

How and where changes happen

This investment plan of Rulmeca Group involves four countries. Although sharing the same goal of global growth, projects separately include the extension of production, logistics or assembly surface of interested facilities.

The Italian project

Priula is the name of a project entirely dedicated to the expansion of the logistics area of Rulmeca Italian company. A new industrial complex has been acquired next to the plant in Almè, Bergamo, and restructuring activities provide for the creation of new spaces to host organization, management and strategic activities of product flow and storage. A 2.080 sq.m warehouse, a 427 sq.m laboratory and 552 sq.m offices, with a further additional 210 sq.m, will be operational to increase the capacity of storage and control of products and optimize logistics processes to ensure an even more efficient service to customers.

Projects for foreign facilities

A significant expansion project has also taken shape for the American facility of Rulmeca Corporation, North Carolina, dealing with local assembly and sales of motorized pulleys for bulk and unit handling. The so-called Horizon project was born with the specific purpose of expanding the existing surface and increasing the capacity of assembly of motorized pulleys for unit handling to further improve the response to delivery demands of local and non-local customers.

New spaces will also be operational in production companies of Rulmeca Tianjin in China and Rulmeca UK. Unlike the other two projects, the intervention plan for these facilities includes expansion of the production surface to enhance processes and increase Rulmeca’s supply abroad.

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