Rulmeca treats itself to a gift for its 60th anniversary

The first news of 2022 is coming

During years, Rulmeca business growth has been supported by a very strong Brand Identity, with the help of a logo which has always represented the company identity. However, this does not exclude that also the company logo needs to evolve over time to keep the same communicative impact.

Rulmeca takes the opportunity of its 60th anniversary to give itself a new company logo. A restyling which won’t revolutionize the brand, but will create a fresher and more versatile version. A desire for renewal which stands for quality, care and innovation which has always characterized us. Updated with the latest trends, the new logo will give the brand a modern feel and will easily suits the multiple means of communication used by the company while maintaining its distinctive and recognizable features. Not just that. This great news will also include a special edition specifically dedicated to the 60th anniversary, a celebrative logo which will mark the achieved goal and pave the way for future.