Accessories for belt conveyors

How to increase life expectancy of bulk handling belt conveyors

Belt conveyors for bulk handling carry several criticalities due to load and type of the transported materials. Wear, downtime and misalignment can reduce their life expectancy and productivity. To this end, together with belt conveyor idlers intended to support the belt along its path, Rulmeca designs and manufactures special accessories for belt conveyors.


Cleaning is always recommended to ensure general plant efficiency and reduce need for maintenance. That said, wet and sticky materials adhering to the belt requires a deeper and more frequent clean up. Rulmeca cleaners for belt conveyors are designed and manufactured in different configurations to this end. Basically, they are equipped with steel or polyurethane scraper blades which continuously and efficiently remove residual material with a cleaning rate reaching 99% when coupled. Our equipment is also appreciated for easy installation and economy of use. Nevertheless, it’s always recommended to assess and consider their installation in the early design phase of belt conveyors in order to avoid difficult and expensive late modifications to the plant.


Secondary accessories for belt conveyors are covers, whose function is to protect belt and material from bad weather conditions (rain, wind, extreme temperatures) and preserve environment and operators by dust and noise dispersion in compliance with safety regulations. Rulmeca production is versatile and includes both closed or opened (with window door or full opening), galvanized steel or polymer semi-transparent covers are available to fit most belt widths. Our belt conveyor covers are maintenance-free, easy to install and relocate in case of inspection.

Impact bars

A third solution completes Rulmeca production for bulk handling belt conveyors with the aim of preventing wear and damage and reduce maintenance costs. Impact bars are designed to be installed under loading section of conveyors. They consist of highly abrasion resistant and low friction HDPE slider plates which favor belt running and flexible rubber cushions bars which absorb shocks and avoid material spillage. Also, they can be combined with Rulmeca impact rollers, positioned within the central area, which can further reduce friction and absorb the impact of falling material.

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