Belt conveyor parts and their functions

The vital role of any conveyor component

Rulmeca is an international leading manufacturer and supplier of a complete and versatile range of belt conveyor parts to maximize the efficiency and safety of these widespread material handling systems whatever application they are intended to. Our production is designed for any industrial sector, from heavy to general industry, since it allows for the construction of conveyors to move large volumes of both bulk materials and unit items. Given the vital role of belt conveyor parts in the correct performance of the whole system, Rulmeca invests its long year experience and qualified expertise in the design and production of high-quality components.

Premium quality of Rulmeca components

When it comes to industrial equipment, longevity and efficiency are the main requirements of customers and clearly the main goals of manufacturers. As prime equipment for most industries, the business of material handling conveyors shares the same concern. The risk of unplanned downtime or failure of a conveyor system makes an industry vulnerable to heavy costs and reduced production capacity, hence the importance of selecting and assembling premium belt conveyor parts. Rulmeca products are among the most cost-effective solutions on the market thanks to their easy installation, economy of use and limited maintenance combined with an excellent performance. All belt conveyor parts are manufactured following industry quality standards to achieve maximum reliability in the most demanding operating conditions. To this end, our company is also committed to the constant research of innovation to develop new products and improve the current range. The accurate design and the selected construction materials of each belt conveyor part contribute to maintain a smooth and safe running of the system and extend its service life with consequent reduction of costly downtime or failures and increase of profitability for the end customers.

Belt conveyor parts

Main belt conveyor parts and functions

Conveyor systems consist of a belt stretched across and wrapped around two or more pulleys (or drums) and powered by an electric drive unit. The belt can slide over a flat surface or can be supported by appropriate rollers. However, in some specific unit handling applications, a series of parallel rollers can be right used as transportation surface resulting in the so-called roller conveyors. In more complex equipment, additional devices or accessories are needed to further improve the whole performance. Of course, the specification of a conveyor depends on the type of application and transported material. With a wide-ranging expertise, Rulmeca designs and manufactures belt conveyor parts specifically intended to either bulk or unit handling conveyors.

Bulk handling conveyors

Bulk handling requires strong and resistant conveyors able to move large volumes of heavy loads and resist to abrasive and corrosive materials and environmental conditions. Rulmeca belt conveyor parts meet all needed specifications to ensure an optimal performance in such conditions.

Rulmeca motorized pulleys are the electric drive components used to transfer the required power to activate the belt conveyor. The electric motor, gear box and bearings are totally enclosed and hermetically sealed inside a steel cylindrical shell, resulting in a compact, safe and efficient. In addition, Rulmeca provides idler pulleys to be positioned throughout the frame to redirect, turn, tension or track the belt so it follows the desired path during conveying.

Among essential belt conveyor parts for bulk handling, rollers play a crucial role as they support the belt, assist it to stay on course and not sag keeping materials in place. Rulmeca proposes different series of rollers able to rotate freely and easily under any type and volume of bulk materials. In addition, Rulmeca provides different types and configurations of belt conveyor idlers: one or more rollers supported or suspended by appropriate frames and transoms with the function of supporting the belt and conveyed materials along its full length preventing it from stretching, bending and failing.

Finally, additional accessories can be integrated in more complex conveyors to further improve their performance and increase their life expectancy. To this end, Rulmeca provides belt cleaners, belt convers and impact bars.

Unit handling conveyors

Depending on the specific circumstances of the application, the numerous industries dealing with unit loads handling can rely on both belt and roller conveyors. In any case, the aim is to guarantee a continuous, safe and high performance to achieve dynamics requirements. Rulmeca range of products include all needed roller and belt conveyor parts.

Rulmeca drum motors, in their different configurations, are the ideal driving components for any type of belt and non-belt conveyor to move light, medium and heavy unit loads. With a higher efficiency and a compact hermetically enclosed design they perfectly and safely operate in any industrial application. Among drive components for unit handling applications, the most innovative and cost-effective solution is Rulmeca Drive Roller (RDR), our electrically-safe, silent and compact motorized roller able to activate a conveyor system without requiring further drive units.

The wider and most flexible assortment of Rulmeca unit handling components concerns conveyor rollers. Thanks to the availability of curve, gravity, chain driven and belt driven roller conveyors, customers can realize different configurations according to their specific needs: powered and non-powered conveyors horizontal, inclined and curvilinear conveyors.

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