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Conveyor rollers represent an important investment in the overall project design of belt conveyors for bulk handling. Construction materials are a key design element for them to increase value and get long-term benefits. Therefore, it’s important to invest on high-quality materials and accurately select the best fitting alternative for your own application. To this end, Rulmeca is the ideal partner. During years, our company has perfected and expanded its range of conveyor rollers for bulk handling combining the best and most common materials on the market.

Highly selected alternatives

All Rulmeca conveyor rollers for bulk handling are accurately manufactured using highly selected materials which are able to carry out high performance and stand the test of time. Besides traditional valuable steel, Rulmeca long since introduced the use of high-quality plastic materials, in combination with steel as well, to meet the most varied requirements. Indeed, depending on the used materials, each series has specific utilization criteria and fits for precise conditions.

Conveyor rollers in steel

Our range of components for bulk handling cannot miss steel conveyor rollers. Due to its sturdiness, steel can withstand the typical heavy weight and impact force of bulk materials, as well as work perfectly even in dirty external environments.

Among Rulmeca steel solutions, rollers PSV feature the highest load capacity. They are full steel rollers suited for heavy-duty applications where high working loads and large lump size materials are conveyed. For a wider ranging choice, steel rollers series MPS and series RTL (with polymer bearing housings) are designed to be used in medium and light duty conveyors, respectively. While steel generally ensures adequate mechanical strength, Rulmeca conveyor rollers also feature a special hermetic sealing system allowing for their safe and efficient application even in severe environmental conditions.

Conveyor rollers with rubber rings

Rulmeca production counts special conveyor rollers which are often needed when steel rollers are used in bulk handling applications. They all consist of standard steel rollers with fitted non-abrasive rubber rings, but each one plays a specific role to improve the efficiency of the whole conveyor system. In particular, impact rollers are designed to be positioned in the load section to absorb shocks and blows of bulk materials. Instead, return rollers with spaced or helical rings are designed to perform a cleaning action. They eliminate the build-up of particularly sticky and viscous materials to the belt during its return section which otherwise would wear and damage standard steel rollers.

Conveyor rollers in polymers

Rulmeca polymer rollers are a valid alternative to steel rollers in bulk handling applications. First, they boast a greater lightness which does not sacrifice mechanical strength anyway. Indeed, their high shock resistance and blow absorption are enough to sustain bulk loads. Moreover, they are a free-corrosion option meaning that they can be easily exposed to all atmospheric factors, chemical agents and aggressive environmental conditions. Also, easy cleaning is a valuable advantage of polymer conveyor rollers: a self-cleaning design together with the possibility to clean them with water and detergents.

In a rapid overview of Rulmeca polymer solutions, rollers PL are full polymer rollers whose design manage to bear medium-duty loads and offer maximum corrosion resistance. Also, mix material solutions are available. TOP rollers and SUPREME rollers combine the mechanical strength of a steel tube fitted inside an anticorrosive HDPE shell to provide the perfect solution for light, medium or heavy-duty applications in the most critical environments.

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