Curve conveyor rollers for unit handling applications

Unveiling the advantages of curve conveyor rollers

In the world of logistics, curve conveyor rollers emerge as noteworthy components to enhance the efficiency, versatility and spatial optimization of material handling systems. Indeed, they are designed to guide items along natural curves and turns with no interruption. Their adaptability is a defining feature, as they can be designed to accommodate diverse angles and radii and align perfectly with different operational needs. This capability proves invaluable in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants since it streamlines all sorting and distribution process.

Curve roller conveyor systems can rely on both tapered and cylindrical, idle and driven configurations. The choice depends on the specific needs of the application, including load characteristics, speed requirements and desired levels of control. The complete availability of alternatives within Rulmeca catalogue allows customers to build even tight and small curve sections for light, medium and heavy duty. Also, the selection of premium materials, from traditional steel to modern plastic materials, results in Rulmeca rollers adaptability to different work conditions.

Idle curve conveyor rollers

Not powered idle rollers are simple yet effective components for curve roller conveyor systems, providing support, guidance and control through corners. Since they only rely on the momentum of items being conveyed to rotate, they are more suitable for not too steep curve angles.

Rulmeca designs and manufactures steel and polypropylene tapered rollers which fit for small packages handling and light and medium loads, respectively.  As an alternative, cylindrical double rollers can be used: with a simpler curve design, they may somewhat result in less smooth running.

Despite minimal maintenance and power requirement makes them cost-effective and environmentally friendly, the speed and control of idle conveyor rollers may be limited compared to driven alternatives.

Driven curve conveyor rollers

Rollers with modular belts or chains are often used in curved conveyors, ensuring positive drive where precise positioning and higher throughput are required. Driven conveyor rollers offer greater control over product movement, excellent traction and power transmission, making their installation suitable for heavier loads or items with irregular shapes, high speeds and low radius curves.

Rulmeca production counts both tapered sprocket rollers where power is transmitted through chain loops and tapered grooved rollers which engage with round, toothed or poly-v belts. Again, both steel and plastic materials are used to propose different models and meet even the most demanding environmental conditions.

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