Double function of covering belt conveyor parts

Preserve the performance of your plant

Despite being classified as accessories, actually covers are vital belt conveyor parts in specific bulk handling applications. According to weather, conveyed material, type of plant and industry regulations as well, belt conveyor covers play a key double function.

Rulmeca designs different covers in terms of material (PVC or galvanized steel) and configuration.  This allows to meet any industry requirements: belt width, corrosion or heat resistance, need for inspection or ventilation, and so on. Easy maintenance, installation and relocation in case of inspection are key features which are typically sought-after for any belt conveyor parts.

Protection devices for belt and conveyed material

Climate is always a primary factor to be considered when selecting belt conveyor parts, especially in bulk handling applications which are often open-air. Rulmeca covers are useful to withstand bad weather conditions and protect both the belt and the conveyed material, therefore ensuring service life and productivity of the plant. Indeed, their use is forced by European norms as well, requiring the covering of the total length of outdoor belt conveyors.

Rain and wind are usually responsible for belt misalignment and resulting material dropping. Indeed, the first may cause belt slippage on drum motors, the latter may move the belt and make it lose the right position. Also, exposure to extremely high or low temperatures may cause malfunctioning or downtime by melting or freezing the belt.

Belt conveyor parts to ensure safety

The decision-making process of belt conveyor parts also has to consider workplace safety which is equally regulated. The second key function of Rulmeca covers is exactly to troubleshoot safety problems. When dry, light or volatile bulk materials are conveyed, our products prevent the dispersion of dust. At the same time, they help reducing noise emissions during material handling operations. Therefore, in compliance with plant health and safety regulations in force, Rulmeca covers protect both natural environment and plant operators from dust and noise pollution.

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