Drive roller at its best on the market

The new drive roller concept by Rulmeca

Drive roller is ideal for replacing traditional gear motor drives in unit handling conveyors. It’s powered by an internal motor unit fitted inside the tube. All adjacent rollers are joined with it by transmission units and then motorized requiring no further external drives. That’s why motorized rollers are appreciated for their compactness, safety and energy efficiency. Rulmeca succeeded in combining these and other competitive benefits in its RDR. Our product is a leading solution in its kind for plenty of industries now.

What makes RDR so representative

Rulmeca Drive Roller has always been a leading product of our business since its first design. Then, its continuous evolution and improvements have increased its reputation and application in material handling market gradually. Now, RDR is a reference point for its highly innovative, performing and versatile technology.

Unrivalled technical advantages

The integrated motor unit of Rulmeca Drive Roller is a 24V DC brushless motor. To begin with, its low supply voltage ensures maximum safety for line operators. Also, control and drive electronics of the motor and all necessary protections against polarity inversions are integrated. The roller does not even need an external Motion Control board because it can be interfaced directly to PLC modules or simple switches. The great performance and versatility of the brushless motor technology are other precious benefits. This motorized system allows for optimized energy consumption and long-lasting performance with reduced necessary maintenance. Moreover, a wide range of speed sets (low, medium or high) is available and constant high torque throughout the speed range is guaranteed. Traction is always ensured thanks to the optimized direct torque transmission system patented by Rulmeca. The motor output shaft is directly connected to drive heads of rollers (O-rings, Poly-V belts or chains) by a sturdy transmission shaft and anti-vibration joints without sliding or loss. Of course, this helps to reach the appreciated low operating noise levels of the whole conveyor.

Many possible applications

The configuration flexibility of Rulmeca Drive Roller enables it to be used in a wide range of conditions and for a wide range of workloads. Moreover, our solution is not perfect to run continuous operations only. It can be used in conveyors with more complex operating patterns, including frequent start/stop cycles or accumulation zones, keeping the same efficiency and control of the flow. It’s clear how Rulmeca Drive Roller addresses plenty of unit handling applications to support logistics, production and packaging lines. These include postal and e-commerce sectors, warehouses and distribution centers, all areas of airports and any manufacturing and packaging industry.

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