Gravity conveyor rollers for a cost-benefit solution

Rulmeca guidelines for the configuration of gravity conveyors

Gravity conveyor rollers are widely appreciated and required by unit handling facilities for the cost-efficiency of idle conveyors they are mounted on. Their non-powered but equally efficient functioning is what they stand out for, indeed. As wide-ranging manufacturer and qualified expert of rollers for conveyors, Rulmeca designs a wide range of rollers for gravity conveyors to suit several unit applications and supports its customers in assessing their application technical requirements to select the most suitable components.

gravity conveyor rollers

Structural features of gravity roller conveyors

Gravity conveyor rollers are idle rollers which, being fitted into an inclined carrying structure, use just the inclination and the natural force of gravity to get moving and transport materials rather than resorting to power sources. Their modular and flexible design allows for the easy configuration of customized conveyors to suit any requirement. Clearly, there are essential variables that always need to be precisely assessed and calculated in order that the system functions correctly and efficiently. Rulmeca not only designs and manufactures different series of gravity conveyor rollers, but also provides the necessary technical support to choose the right solution.

Essential design criteria

Factors to consider when selecting gravity conveyor rollers are the dimensions, the weight and the contact surface of the transported items. The precise calculation of these parameters determines the type and the number of rollers to be used, as well as the distance in between to allow the right load distribution. Also, particular environmental conditions of the specific application field, such as strict hygiene requirements or the presence of dust, humidity and other corrosive elements, need to be verified to ensure the smooth running and durability of the roller conveyor. Last but not least, the degree of slope is a crucial element to be estimated since it allows gravity conveyors to move and transport items. This value not only depends on the load, contact surface and friction value, but it also varies between straight, curved or merging sections.

Key benefits for business

Structural features of gravity conveyor rollers result in their excellent value for money. These components maximize cost savings for industries while still optimizing their unit handling operations. As traditional motorized systems, also gravity roller conveyors transport unit items in a safe and efficient manner speeding and simplifying material handling processes and increasing industrial productivity. However, their unpowered design is a significant added value for industries to cut costs. Relying solely on gravity, they allow to avoid the expensive investment in power sources like motors or electricity and consequently reduce maintenance works they would require more frequently. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to configure and install in any worksite due to their modular design which allows for complete customization.

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