Gravity conveyor rollers for food industry

Hygiene-compliant gravity components

Given that conveyor systems are a clear custom in food industry now, gravity conveyor rollers are among the most commonly used solutions in the field due to their advantages. Rulmeca has such a crossed engineered experience between conveyor types and industrial applications that it managed to design and manufacture the right balanced solution between cost-effectiveness of gravity conveyor rollers and food hygiene regulations compliance.

Benefits of gravity conveyor rollers in food industry

First, gravity conveyor rollers allow for gentle handling of food products which helps to prevent damage to delicate or perishable items along processing or packaging line. Of course, all typical benefits of gravity conveyor rollers are granted as well: flexible configuration and layout for efficient transportation around corners or across different elevations, lower power consumption and silent functioning thanks to unnecessary drive motors, safer working environment due to the reduced risk of mechanical failures and potential accidents. However, food industry places higher importance to cleanliness and sanitization when compared to other industrial fields. Since hygiene protocols are no more a limit in designing material handling systems, also gravity conveyor rollers can feature a hygienic design through the use of easily washable and resistant materials to rust, corrosion and contamination.

Food conveyor roller series 111

As said before, Rulmeca production includes the perfect food conveyor roller for gravity systems. Born from the excellent combination of polymers and steel, rollers series 111 are also available in full AISI 304 stainless steel version (both tube and shaft execution). In this version, they have all the required features by food industry and relative regulations. First, their use is allowed with temperatures ranging from –5°C to +80° C. More importantly, stainless steel is well-known to be a rust and corrosion resistant material, thus being suitable to be used in wet environments. Therefore, the smooth surface can be easily and deeply cleaned and sanitized to meet food safety standards. All this helps to prevent cross contamination and keep integrity of foodstuff throughout production and packaging processes in food industry.

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