Gravity conveyor rollers for noiseless applications

Redefining silent material handling through gravity conveyor rollers

Among revolutionary solutions for material handling, gravity conveyor rollers not only set a new standard for seamless and efficient functioning of conveyors, but also redefine noiseless applications. Like efficiency is often a primary focus, an equally important yet sometimes overlooked aspect is the noise generated by these systems, especially for internal unit handling applications. With no power sources required to run, gravity rollers are intrinsically engineered to operate with minimal noise, therefore creating a workspace where productivity harmonizes with quietness. However, Rulmeca is committed to engineer particularly silent rollers whose design and materials are able to dampen operational sounds for those applications where noise pollution is really a concern.

Rulmeca silent gravity conveyor roller series 117

The most suitable gravity conveyor rollers for noiseless applications designed and manufactured by Rulmeca are rollers series 117. Their silent and smooth running perfectly matches with internal applications including light, medium and heavy-duty material handling in normal, humid and corrosive environments. Therefore, they address quite any unit handling application like from distribution centers and warehouses to manufacturing and packaging plants, including the most specific airport and food industry. Permanently lubricated bearings are housed in polyamide end-caps and protected by labyrinth shaped polypropylene cap. Such polymer materials are first to allow noise reduction and silent use.

Also, Rulmeca production includes a special version belonging to gravity conveyor rollers series 117 having an exclusive and particularly noiseless design in anti-static execution. On one hand, this specific version features internal soundproofing. On the other hand, rollers are equipped with spring loaded pins which can be compressed on both sides allowing to eliminate any play in the fastening to the structure. Due to their features and advantages, these rollers are suitable for internal unit handling application with particular orientation towards distribution centers and warehouses or postal, parcel and e-commerce industries.

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