Heavy-duty conveyor rollers for bulk handling

Vital components for heavy-duty applications

Among all necessary structural components for the realization of a bulk material handling system, appropriate heavy-duty conveyor rollers hold a significant role for the successful transportation of materials. Indeed, in such applications, conveyors have to face and withstand manifold challenges, including heavy loads, large lumps, abrasive or corrosive materials and harsh environmental conditions. That’s why the choice of premium quality rollers is decisive to obtain a continuous and efficient functioning of the system even in such critical conditions.

Heavy duty conveyor rollers

Successful performance of Rulmeca heavy-duty conveyor rollers

Reliability, safety and throughput are essential factors for the successful performance of heavy-duty conveyor rollers in presence of critical bulk handling conditions. All series of Rulmeca conveyor rollers have all what it takes to comply with the most demanding industrial applications without running into frequent failures or replacements. They are manufactured with an accurate design and highly selected materials which ensure long serving life, high performance and economy of use.

Engineered design and resistant materials

All components of Rulmeca heavy-duty conveyor rollers, including body, spindle, bearings and housings, are designed and mounted to build a strong structure able to perfectly function under serious load and environmental conditions. To this end, a crucial part of the design is the efficient sealing system protecting roller bearings which is particularly helpful when the equipment is mainly exposed to dusty conditions. Even the highly selected construction materials contribute to the premium quality of our heavy-duty conveyor rollers since they help to tolerate the impact of big loads and resist over time to corrosive and abrasive materials and conditions. Our offer includes steel rollers, covered with several layers of a particular specification of paint, rubber or other anticorrosive materials. Otherwise, they can be entirely manufactured from polymers that are extremely resistant to corrosion.

Large-scale applications

Rulmeca heavy-duty conveyors rollers, in their multiple series and available dimensions, are designed to suit customized requirements of belt speed, load capacity, transported material and environmental conditions of manifold industrial applications. Leaving the most technical specifications, heavy-duty conveyor rollers are suitable to transport large quantities of the most varied powder, granular or lumpy materials, including coal and minerals, salt and sugar, clay, sand, gravel, cement, stones and so on. Moreover, they perfectly function in open-air workplaces with the presence of dust, dirt, water, low and high temperatures or a large temperature imbalance between day and night in particular climates. Hence, among the main bulk handling applications matching with Rulmeca components there are mines, quarries and cement industry, salt and sugar plants, steel and power plants, dock installations like ports, import and export terminals and recycling, crushing and screening facilities.

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