Key belt conveyor parts for bulk handling

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Belt conveyors are really adaptable solutions for bulk material handling. According to end use application, it’s possible to design horizontal, inclined and curved conveyors, combinations of load and unload areas, elevated sections and other accessories. However, there are some key belt conveyor parts that can be considered as basic support to designers for technical fulfillment of their project. Of course, elastomer belt is the first essential component to contain the conveyed material and transmit the force necessary to move the load. On its part, Rulmeca deals with essential electrical and mechanical components to be integrated for the smooth running of the belt for some meters to tens of kilometers.

Electrical and mechanical belt conveyor parts

Rulmeca has a longstanding specialization in bulk material handling and a strong commitment to excellence. Innovation and flexibility are keywords allowing customers to configure complete and tailored systems according to their use and conditions. Thus, this mindset lies in the design and manufacturing of those electrical and mechanical belt conveyor parts of which a high-performance, efficient and durable system can’t do without:

  • Drive pulley, an electrically driven motor to power the belt. In alternative to traditional drives, Rulmeca provides all-in-one motorized pulleys where motor, gearbox and bearings are sealed inside the shell, thus ensuring increased protection, durability and efficiency.
  • Return pulley, a non-driven pulley to be positioned at the end tail of the conveyor to redirect the belt back.
  • Deflection or snub pulleys to be positioned near the two previous to increase the wrap angle, grip and traction of the belt which is particularly beneficial in heavy-duty bulk handling applications.
  • Tension pulley, which may be provided with counterweight, to guarantee constant tensional force to the belt.
  • Rollers to support and guide the belt at various points along the path. Rulmeca array ranges from normal steel rollers to impact and return rollers with rubber rings able to fulfill any specific function along the line.
  • Belt conveyor idlers, groups of rollers having specific position and function to prevent misalignment, stretching, bending and failing under heavy loads.
  • Cleaning devices which are particularly useful when wet or sticky materials are conveyed in order to prevent their adherence and consequent slowing down of the belt.
  • Conveyor covers which are particularly recommended when critical atmospheric conditions may damage the belt and the conveyed material.

That said, it’s important to remember that proper configuration and correct sizing of each single component need to be carefully selected on the basis of the required load volume, the type, chemical and physical properties of the transported material, environmental conditions. In this sense, Rulmeca production line is really flexible and versatile and technical team is at complete disposal to support customers in the project design.

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