Motorized pulleys for food processing

Rulmeca drum motors comply with any food industry must-have

Rulmeca provides conveyor drives for the most varied unit handling applications, including motorized pulleys for food processing. No doubts, food industry entails very challenging and harsh conditions for drive systems, especially concerning compliance with hygienic regulations. The international electro technical commission introduced classification IP69 imposing the need for a hygienic exterior surface and infiltration resistance thorough frequent high pressure and high temperature washdowns. Rulmeca drum motors are designed, manufactured and proved according to IP69 regulation. Indeed, they have been the drive system of choice for conveyor operators and designers worldwide for decades thanks to their reliable and efficient functioning in food processing.

Standard design of Rulmeca motorized pulleys for food processing

Rulmeca designs and manufactures stainless-steel hermetically sealed, internally powered drum motors. First of all, enclosing the drive motor and all mechanical parts within the shell allows for high protection against any external harmful condition. Moreover, the hermetic seal is designed to be long-term efficient and resistant to cleaning practices. In particular, motorized pulleys for food processing are equipped with Viton double lip seal, PTFE fluoropolymer deflection seal and roller-burnished shaft. This design adheres to IP69 DIN 60529 sealing standard for high pressure wash-down environments. Indeed, Rulmeca drum motors are tested and refined to pass IP69 test: four 30-second tests with a water spray at 1500 PSI, at a temperature of 180°F, at a rate of four gallons per minute, at a distance of 4” to 6” at four different angles. In addition, our drive systems all adhere to NSF/ANSI 3-A 14159-1 -2014 hygiene requirements for meat and poultry processing equipment.

Compliance with the main food industry regulations makes Rulmeca solutions very reliable, durable and versatile motorized pulleys for food processing. To really meet any application need, our company is also able to match most conveyor belt profiles with custom shells with knurled faces, section groves, various rubber lagging, acetal sleeves, keyed sprockets, or shells machined for positive drive profiles.

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