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The best alternative for bulk handling

With a specialization in manufacturing components for bulk materials handling, Rulmeca production counts different heavy-duty conveyor rollers, designed to face the most aggressive conditions. Among them, rollers series PSV are Rulmeca core product as they represent the highest quality and the maximum load capacity within this category.

All about PSV heavy-duty conveyor rollers

PSV rollers comply with the highest quality standards due to attention to detail Rulmeca takes in all production cycle. Our company only chooses top materials for its products and carries out accurate inspection with live function tests throughout designing, manufacturing and assembling phases. Low-torque, starting resistance, eccentric and axial plays are calculated precisely and grease distribution into the bearings and all the other internal components is verified. This results in effective function, energy savings, maintenance reduction and long life of PSV heavy-duty conveyor rollers.


PSV rollers consist of a steel welded tube which is cut and machined through automatic numerically controlled machines able to guarantee tight tolerances and square cut precision. Upon request, they may be supplied with varying dimensions, tube thickness and diameters according to standards CEMA, BS, JIS, AFNOR and FEM. The tube forms a strong steel monolithic structure with the bearing housing whose thickness is proportional to the spindle diameter and the bearing type (precision radial ball race bearings are only used). PSV heavy-duty conveyor rollers feature particular tolerances for bearing housing, spindle and bearings themselves in order to guarantee the maximum strength for each application and enable them to function optimally for a long life whilst under pressure. However, the most important and unique component in the design of PSV heavy-duty conveyor rollers is their hermetic sealing system with multiple labyrinth seals which protects the bearings from both outer and inner harmful elements and, therefore, provides top effectiveness and long life even in the presence of the most sever pollutants.

Application features

The above-mentioned construction and technical features classify PSV series as heavy-duty conveyor rollers. First, their strong and resistant steel structure allows for handling of heavy and large lump size bulk materials. Then, their special protective sealing system ensures great protection against the ingress of harmful agents like dust, dirt and water which strictly depend on environmental and operating conditions. Also, PSV rollers can be strongly and effectively used in the presence of low and high temperatures or in applications where there’s a large temperature imbalance between day and night. More precisely, the working temperature with standard greased components is defined as between -20°C and +100°C. However, upon request, it’s possible to use special grease, bearings and seals to reach temperatures outside of this range. Exactly due to their features, PSV heavy-duty conveyor rollers are able to face such heavy working loads and environmental challenges typical of bulk handling applications, even though requiring minimal maintenance and ensuring long service life.

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