Return rollers for conveyor systems

A must-have for bulk material handing

No matter the concerned bulk handling application, return rollers for conveyor systems play a pivotal role in ensuring overall efficiency and smooth operation. Basically, their primary purpose is to support and guide the return side of the belt as it loops back for the next cycle of material handling. However, in so doing, they fulfill other key functions to ensure optimal functioning and contribute to longer equipment life.

Rulmeca invests its know-how and expertise in design and manufacturing return rollers for conveyor systems able to accommodate different applications and conveyor configurations. Our components are meticulously engineered to deliver precision and reliability and crafted from high-quality materials to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty bulk handling applications and provide consistent performance over time.

The power of return rollers for conveyor

Here follow the main benefits resulting from the main function of support of return rollers for conveyor systems allowing the belt to move smoothly and efficiently and last over time:

  • belt tracking: support helps to maintain the proper belt tension on its return journey, preventing sagging or misalignment that could lead to disruptions in material flow;
  • minimized spillage: keeping the belt centered on the conveyor structure, return rollers minimize the risk of spillage and reduce potential loss and waste of material;
  • reduced friction: return rollers minimize friction as the conveyor belt returns, reducing wear and tear on all components involved;

Rulmeca return rollers with rubber rings

In bulk handling applications, belt alignment may be compromised by the type of the conveyed material. Return rollers for conveyor systems are not only required to support and guide the underside of the belt during heavy-duty handling. Some industries deal with sticky materials, therefore adhering easily to both belt surface and rollers. As a consequence, not only wear and tear of the belt occurs, but forces are brought into play to move the belt away from its correct track.

With this in mind, beside standard steel components, Rulmeca designs and manufactures special return rollers for conveyor systems. Rulmeca return rollers with spaced or helical rings are standard steel rollers with fitted non-abrasive rubber rings whose function is to eliminate the build-up of sticky or viscous materials from the belt during its return section which otherwise would wear and damage standard steel rollers.

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