Because Partnership Matters


In 2022 Rulmeca will be celebrating sixty years in business. An important milestone that we have reached with pride via a significant journey. It will provide us with the sense of responsibility to continue in this positive direction.

These 60 years of Company life are made up of the stories of our employees from different countries that have contributed to our success with passion, skill, effort, and loyalty, enabling the Group to reach this point. The gratitude of the Company and the people who currently work in Rulmeca goes to them.

Our thanks and appreciation also go to those who have faithfully followed us; our clients, suppliers, and partners without whom Rulmeca would not have been able to achieve the rank of market leader. Rulmeca has reached this milestone, which we see as just another stage of our journey, as a strong and recognised figure in its sector. Rulmeca is proudly Italian, has grown within Europe and is now growing in the global market, and is present in numerous countries around the globe.

Rulmeca Group

Rulmeca continues to be a family company, with the heirs of the founder involved in the management together with the fundamental contribution of external managers, employees and collaborators.

Approximately 1200 people work for the Rulmeca Group in 9 Manufacturing, sales & service companies, & 8 Sales & Service companies for the research & development, manufacturing, sales & service of quality components for the global materials handling industry.

These activities are coordinated across the world by Rulmeca Holding, the parent company based in Almè, Bergamo, Italy. We believe that global presence and the local contribution of colleagues with diverse cultures and sensibilities is one of the strengths of our Group, which works with clients that often operate on an international level.

Companies around the world are run by managers locally based, who work in considerable autonomy within guidelines defined by the parent company and implemented under the coordination of the Groups functional directors.

Rulmeca numbers

9Manufacturing companies


8Sales & Service companies

5mln +Rollers produced annually

60Years of Experience

50.000 +Motorized Pulleys and Drum Motors
produced annually



Rulmeca began operations in Almè, a small town in the province of Bergamo, in 1962

Under the direction of the founder Antonio Ghisalberti, whose family had been running a company making lime for the steel industry for decades. In the same period, which saw the strongest economic growth in modern Italian history, many other companies were opening. Since then much has changed within the company, but the values that characterise us remain fundamentally the same: respect for people and their work, the pleasure of working well, and attention for the local community. The economic history of the area where Rulmeca was founded in Italy was historically linked to the textiles industry, (wool and silk production), and to the processing of metals and to mining.


Rulmeca Canada – Manufacturing Company

Founded in 1970 as a manufacturing unit of the German company Precismeca, was acquired by Rulmeca in 2001. It should be noted that Precismeca’s technology inspired a number of the newly founded Rulmeca’s technical policies.


Rulmeca Germany | United Kingdom | Thailand – Manufacturing Companies

Began operations more than 160 years ago in one of the most historically important industrial regions in Germany. It has been active for 65 years in the production of components for materials handling (drum motors, rollers). It became part of the Group in 2003 and is now the centre of excellence to manufacture motorized pulleys/drum motors.

2003 saw the arrival in our Group of Rulmeca UK and Rulmeca Thailand, both already active in the licensed production of Rulmeca rollers (in the UK since the 1970s and in Thailand since the 1990s) and leaders in their respective markets. The same year also saw the beginning of operations for Rulmeca Corp., USA, for the commercialisation and support of the drum motor range in the United States. Business developed successfully, arriving at the current structure, which allows the market to be served with local production.


Melco Sud Africa – Manufacturing Company

Melco South Africa has a wonderful history as a family company (the Cohen family), which began in 1970. It is known and appreciated for the quality of its products and its technical capacity in developing solutions for belt conveyors and has been a part of our Group since 2006. Its presence in the country was strengthened in 2016 with the acquisition of CPM, a company specialized in the production of pulleys.


Rulmeca Cina – Manufacturing Company

Rulmeca China was founded by Rulmeca in 2007 with the aim of establishing a manufacturing presence in the important Chinese market and enabling access to new supply channels for the Group.


Rulmeca Polonia – Manufacturing Company

Active from the beginning in the sector of conveyor transportation of loose materials, Rulmeca has seen the gradual growth in importance of the industrial transportation sector over recent years. This area of growth saw the acquisition, in 2014, of Rulmeca Poland, a company founded in 1990 and specialising in the manufacturing of drum motors for light-duty applications.


Rulmeca India – Sales Company

The latest adventure has come in the form of Rulmeca India, which began operations in 2020 as a commercial unit and support centre for Motorized Pulleys.


Rulmeca presents its new company logo

We loved it, but it was time to refresh our longstanding company logo. The new restyled version still reflects the values and the personality of Rulmeca and symbolise the dynamic future of the brand as well.

Rulmeca has combined these manufacturing companies with a network of commercial and client service units. The following commercial units have been set up: Denmark and Sweden in 2004, Finland in 2008, Turkey in 2010, Australia and Indonesia in 2011. Additionally, Rulmeca France and Rulmeca Iberica (for Spain and Portugal), are descendants of preceding manufacturing companies.

Associated services

Over the years, the company has consolidated and updated its position in the market as a supplier of components and associated services.

Its clients include end users and companies operating in the engineering of transportation systems for bulk materials, in the production of machinery and systems for automation and logistics processes. Much has been done over the years to standardise the Rulmeca range across the various markets, by specialising plants as Group suppliers, and standardising product and process engineering for articles made in more than one plant. Rulmeca Germany is the center of excellence of Motorized Pulleys/drum motors for Bulk and Unit handling applications. These include mining, ports, cement, screening & crushing machinery, recycling, food & fish industries, airports, and e-commerce amongst others. Rulmeca Poland are producing a range of light duty drum motors for applications such as bottle handling, supermarket check-outs, light weight applications for various sectors.


Over the years, Rulmeca has increased resources for R&D, adding skills and competences to cope with the market requirements and increasing technological demand.

R&D activities are managed in Rulmeca Holding with the contribution of colleagues in Rulmeca Germany and, when necessary in other production centres. The Group companies are involved in reaching common goals (KPIs) that are updated on an annual basis, including those relating to quality, level of services offered and the elimination of accidents.

01 - Digitalisation

Rulmeca, a company whose heart lies in manufacturing, has launched a project for the digitalisation of its plants.

02 - Rulmeca employees

Rulmeca recognizes the fundamental contribution of people to present and future business success. It is our goal to promote a work environment that recognizes and rewards individual and team merit. Rulmeca is committed to offering equal opportunities for growth to all its collaborators while respecting the cultural and religious identity of each one.

03 - Client Services

Building loyalty and client relations is a company priority. To this end, Rulmeca shares its own tools for the design and sizing of its products (RCS = Rulmeca Calculation System) with its clients.

04 - Products

Rulmeca recognises the fundamental contribution of innovation for its future success. We aim to render our products more energy efficient, simple to use and interfaced with the systems into which they are installed (RMS = Rulmeca Monitoring System).


  • It is a powerful tool that allows to select the most suitable Rulmeca product in just a few simple steps.
  • It provides a comprehensive output with all the details to help the conveyor design.


  • Continuous surveillance of the health of the rollers/motorized pulleys is essential to prevent major events on the conveying system.

Social projects

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

The Rulmeca Group recognises its affinity with the international principles of environmental, social and management sustainability. 2021 has seen our Group launch a project aimed at verifying and documenting the adhesion of its organisational activities to the ESG standards. Rulmeca remains committed to the values that have, until now, been expressed through the involvement of the founding family in company life.

To further contribute to saving the environment, Rulmeca has decided to support a non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.

We have a responsibility to be active participants in the communities where we operate. All the branches of the Rulmeca Group are active in their own areas in the support of initiatives and projects by local organisations.

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