How does baggage handling system work?

The increasing number of people travelling commits airports to handle and sort thousands of baggage every day. This is possible only with conveyor systems that work correctly and without interruption. But how does baggage handling system work? What are the necessary components to make an airport conveyor work efficiently? Read more to get Rulmeca information and suggestions about this unit handling application.

How does baggage handling system work

Airport baggage handling system is made up of a structured network of conveyors designed to perform different tasks. The first main belt conveyor system is the core of the check-in area, where the heaviest baggage not admitted on the plane are scanned, sorted and moved to the right boarding gate automatically. To get access to departure gates, passengers and their bags must pass an X-Ray screening. Here, numerous roller conveyors work to facilitate and speed up this security procedure. Finally, at the destination airport, a belt conveyor transports all luggage from the arrival gate to the right baggage collection area to deliver them to passengers. To cope with requirements of these automatic systems, including frequent start and stops operations, different movement directions and elevated quantities of conveyed baggage, the aviation industry tends to invest in new technologies. Innovation and efficiency of baggage handling systems have a great impact on the entire airport operation, as well as on passengers’ satisfaction.

New technologies for baggage handling systems

To explain how does baggage handling system work, Rulmeca presents its complete range of products. The type or weight of luggage and the characteristics of the baggage flow condition the required functional performance of conveyors in terms of speed, power, capacity and route. Our products can meet all demands, since they are ideal for light and medium loads typical of airport conveyors. First, Rulmeca manufactures a wide range of rollers for conveyors driven by belt, chain or gravity, in straight sections and curves. Moreover, a new innovative technology has been introduced by Rulmeca: our RDR Drive Roller is a silent, compact, efficient and long-lasting motorized roller. The possibility to set low, medium or high speeds and available frequent stop/start cycles make it ideal for baggage handling. Finally, Rulmeca Drum Motors, ranging between different powers and speeds, are used as efficient drive mechanism for the main belt conveyors of airports.

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