How mining belts are made?

Conveyors are widely used in multiple applications, but not all require the same solution, due to different transported materials, loads and environmental conditions. The key application of this post will be mining industry where handling big quantities of bulk corrosive and abrasive materials requires very resistant conveyor systems. Of course, for this purpose, all components as well must be of high quality, efficient and durable. That’s why it’s important to know how mining belts are made basically to choose a belt that’s specifically designed for your application.

How mining belts are made

Besides the belt, the design of mining conveyors includes supporting and moving elements which make the system work. Rulmeca is specialized in the production of all these components which are suitable for all stages of mining industry, from the extraction of raw materials to the production of refined materials. First, Rulmeca bulk handling rollers support the belt and rotate under heavy loads easily. The sealing system is particularly important to ensure protection and resistance against abrasion and corrosion. Other essential components are drive and return pulleys. In particular, Rulmeca motorized pulleys are the ideal drive units for belt mining conveyors: unlike traditional ones, their totally enclosed design ensures more safety, efficiency and resistance. To further improve protection, efficiency and durability of mining conveyors, Rulmeca also offers some accessories, including cleaners, covers and impact bars. This is how mining belts are made basically. In practice, according to the specific application, it’s possible to have different combinations.

Variables to be considered

As a bulk handling application, mining industry requires the installation of highly resistant conveyors which are able to transport big quantities and heavy loads of corrosive and abrasive materials. Moreover, especially with extracted raw materials, their high temperatures have to be considered to avoid damages or even fire. Finally, climate and environmental conditions of the type of mine influence the choice of the most suitable components. Here comes a difference between underground and opencast mines. Indeed, temperatures, UV light and humidity tend to fluctuate more and even fire hazard is higher in the former then the latter. Whatever the circumstances of you mining application are, Rulmeca can provide you the right components to realize an efficient conveyor system. Thanks to the wide range of products and the highly selected materials used, you’ll certainly find the product that suits your needs.

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