How to change oil in unit handling drum motors

Rulmeca Drum Motors are all-in-one components, hermetically enclosing motor, bearing and gearbox inside the shell. Also, they contain an appropriate amount of synthetic, mineral, food-grade, low viscosity or high viscosity oil to continuously cool the internal motor while lubricating all gears and bearings. Note that the type of oil depends on motor configuration and application, while its quantity may vary with motor power and shale profile. In any case, periodic oil changes are recommended to ensure lifetime lubrication and preserve components conditions. Therefore, it’s important for technical operators to learn when and how to intervene.

Verify whether it’s time for oil change

Standard guidelines for oil change are set to normal operating conditions, that is when drum motors run continuously at full load. Overall, synthetic oil and synthetic food-grade oil should be changed every 50,000 hours of operation, while mineral oil should be changed every 20,000 hours. However, other two parameters should be regularly measured to monitor the situation and move up maintenance if need be. First of all, it’s recommended to check oil quantity: following safety procedures carefully, rotate the drum motor until drain holes are positioned at 4 and 10 o’clock, then remove the lower oil plug. Besides simply looking through the hole, it’s also useful to use a clean wooden stick as a dipstick. When properly full, the oil level should be approximately at the bottom of the lower hole. The same procedure can be applied to remove an oil sample and examine its conditions. Indeed, oil cleanliness is a key measure to plan its replacement because it’s important to prevent wear of drum motors gears and bearings.

Steps to change oil in practice

The very first step before oil change is to make sure to match the quantity and specification of factory oil shown on the motor data plate. When in doubt, Rulmeca highly recommend to get in touch so that assistance team can check the product serial number and its oil compatibility. Once determined that, the simple design of Rulmeca Drum Motors makes likewise simple their oil change by the two designated oil fill/drain plugs in end housing. As first step, rotate the drum motor until drain holes are at 6 and 12 o’clock positions. Then, remove both oil plugs, place a bucket under the lower one and, if need be, tilt the opposite end to make the drum motor drain and vent. Before refilling oil, wipe off any sludge and residue from the lower oil plug magnet, wrap threads with Teflon tape and replace the plug. Next, pour the necessary amount of oil into the upper hole using an oil pump or a funnel and a measuring bucket. Finally, repeating the previous procedure, wipe aways any sludge and residue from the oil plug magnet, wrap the threads with Teflon tape and replace the upper oil plug.

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