How to clean conveyor belts

Belt conveyor cleaning is essential in bulk applications to solve carryback problem, which particularly occurs when handling wet or sticky materials. During conveyance, part of the transported material is not discharged and adheres to the belt surface running back along the conveyor’s return side. Removing residual material of the belt through appropriate cleaning devices prevents possible downtime, premature failure, more frequent maintenance works and increased energy consumption.

Mechanical equipment to clean conveyor belts

The most used cleaning equipment for belt conveyors for ease of application and maintenance are those tools with scraper blades mounted on a specific support. Various types of belt cleaners and scrapers differ in construction design, materials and cleaning function. The choice depends on the consistency of the transported material, environmental conditions, the conveyor’s mechanical design and cleaning efficiency. For specific applications where high standards of cleaning are required, it’s advisable to combine and employ more than one device. The so-called pre-cleaners are mounted to the head pulley below the material flow to scrape off most of the initial carryback. However, in particular conditions such as sticky materials or humid climates, additional scrapers need to be located down the belt line to remove the finest residual materials left on the belt beyond the head pulley to achieve maximum cleaning.

Rulmeca belt cleaners and scrapers

Rulmeca designs and produces a full range of conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers to minimize carryback and ensure conveyors running as continuously and efficiently as possible. Combining innovative design and resistant construction materials, Rulmeca has developed highly flexible and efficient solutions which can be used by various industries on single and reversible belts conveying any bulk material. Moreover, other types may be supplied on request to extend their use for special applications. Equipped with hard steel or polyurethane scraper blades, Rulmeca cleaning devices ensure up to 98% cleaning rate when coupled. The excellent elimination of carryback protects the conveyor from wear, improves energy-saving and minimizes the cost of clean and maintenance services. Besides high-efficiency standards, our products are well known for their easy installation, project simplicity and economy of use.

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