How to make a gravity roller conveyor?

Rulmeca wide production includes rollers and components for gravity conveyors. Among various kinds of systems, this conveyor is an excellent option for unit handling applications in terms of cost-efficiency, since its components are driven by gravity only rather than electricity or power. Due to its special configuration, it’s important to understand how to make a gravity roller conveyor in order to be sure that it perfectly suits your industry application and works well.

How to make a gravity roller conveyor

A gravity roller conveyor is an unpowered system made of a series of rollers which run and transport products by means of gravity. As for any type of conveyor, the first elements to be considered when designing this specific system are the dimension and the weight of materials or packages to handle, as well as the environmental conditions which influence the choice of the most suitable roller. However, when it comes to understand how to make a gravity roller conveyor, an additional factor comes into play. Given that the carrying structure supporting rollers needs to be slightly inclined to allow this kind of movement, it’s important to carefully estimate the slope according to weight, contact surface and friction value, so that items can always restart after pauses or storings. Considering all these variables, Rulmeca manufactures and supplies a wide range of gravity rollers which allow to handle items with light to heavy loads and cover several unit applications.

Benefits of Rulmeca gravity rollers

As all roller conveyors, gravity rollers conveyors perfectly suit several unit handling applications including food and beverage industry, manufacturing and packaging industries, airports, postal sector, distribution centers and warehouses. The wide and complete offer of Rulmeca, including both several rollers and additional specific components for gravity conveyors, matches any industrial requirement in terms of loads and application. The main benefit of gravity roller conveyors lies in the unnecessary use of electricity or power to drive rollers: the right slope of the system is enough to move and transport items. Of course, this results in energy and money saving, as well as low need of maintenance in time. Choosing Rulmeca rollers, this last feature is granted by other added values of our production: the use of highly selected materials and the easy cleaning design of components which ensure a long serving life.

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