How to prevent cross contamination in food industry conveyors?

Hygiene is the prime concern for food processing industries using automated conveyor systems, since they have to ensure that food is free for any contaminant and safe for the consumer. In this regard, the design of new technologies can help conveyors to maintain the highest standards in food safety. Rulmeca, as specialized manufacturer of material handling solutions, looks at how to prevent cross contamination in food industry conveyors and introduces its premium components specifically manufactured for this aim.

How to prevent cross contamination in food industry conveyors

Food industries run into the risk of food contamination, due to chemical substances, viruses and bacteria and many other potential contaminants, continuously. This hazard can be found in all automated conveyor systems of the industrial assembly line, including stages of production, processing, packaging and storage of any kind of food and it’s damaging both for health consumers and industry reputation. As a result, hygiene and sanitation standards for food plants are among the most rigorous and provide for regular washing and disinfection of machines and conveyors to guarantee minimal contamination of food. Given that the best way to prevent cross contamination in food industry conveyors is following these strict high-standard food hygiene practices, it’s essential that all equipment used to handle and transport food is hygienically designed so it can be adequately cleaned.

Ideal components for hygienic food industry conveyors

The global leader producer of material handling solutions Rulmeca perfectly knows how to prevent cross contamination in food industry conveyors. Our company designs and manufactures specific components for this application. In particular, Rulmeca Drum Motors are the ideal driving components for food industry belt conveyors thanks to their energy efficiency and, above all, their hygiene compliant features. Their stainless-steel finish, flat smooth surface and seamless integration into the system facilitate cleaning operations because they avoid dead spaces and corners and the consequent creation of rust, dust and bacteria. Moreover, they can tolerate all cleaning operations with water and disinfectants and resist to wear from frequent cleaning operations over time. Indeed, the motor is hermetically sealed and offers the highest ingress protection – up to IP66/69 – even during the highest pressure wash down procedures.

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