How to reduce energy costs on conveyor systems

Conveyor systems, aside from gravity conveyors, require powered sources and use a great deal of energy to move. This clearly turns into increased costs charged to industries which are more and more concerned about containing operating costs and enhancing environmental sustainability as well. As a result, wondering how to reduce energy costs on conveyor systems, most material handling companies look for cost-effective solutions. Due to its customer-oriented approach and sustainable values, Rulmeca is among the most reliable manufacturers of material handling components for conveyors.

How to reduce energy costs on conveyors systems

Since energy consumption is associated with the powered components used to drive conveyor systems, the starting solution to reduce energy waste and costs lies in the design of these parts. Aware of the fact that energy saving is a critical factor for material handling facilities, as well as increasingly committed to environmental sustainability, these concerns are major considerations for manufacturers as well when designing components for conveyors. The study of new technologies and the realization of innovative solutions are always underway to allow the creation of energy efficient conveyors. Therefore, it’s advisable for customers to rely on innovative cost-efficient drive components to either replace old ones in existing conveyors or integrate new ones in conveyors designed from scratch. This will ensure the same amount of power to the system using less energy, resulting in reduced energy costs for the company. That said, when it comes to how to reduce energy costs on conveyor systems, Rulmeca has what it takes to be the right solution.

Energy efficient conveyors with Rulmeca components

Rulmeca aims at meeting customers’ need, chases innovations of its evolving field and is personally committed to environmental sustainability. These elements together make our company an international competitive manufacturer of cost-effective solutions. The design of its drive components complies with the highest standards of quality, helping to reduce energy consumption, waste and costs. Rulmeca motorized pulleys for bulk applications and drum motors for unit handling applications have a higher efficiency than traditional drives commonly used in industry: they are able to transfer up to 97% mechanical efficiency using less energy. Moreover, the highly appreciated Rulmeca Drive Roller is the most energy-efficient drive component for unit handling: powered by 24V DC, it doesn’t require a central motor station and only engages when necessary, containing energy use and related costs. Therefore, this wide selection of Rulmeca production is able to respond to the issue of how to reduce energy costs on conveyor systems.

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