How to select motor for conveyor

When a facility requires the installation of an appropriate conveyor system to transport large quantities of products or materials, one of the main questions is how to select motor for conveyor, whether you are the end user of the system or the supplier of components with the task of suggesting the best product to your customer. Indeed, the motor is essential to provide the power to drive the conveyor. Rely on the long-time and qualified experience of Rulmeca, which is a leader manufacturer in this field, and read more to discover further information about motors for conveyors.

What matters in selecting a conveyor motor

Conveyor systems are widely applied in various industrial sectors to improve the efficiency of transportation and handling of materials. When you wonder how to select motor for conveyor, the first element to be considered is the type of application where the system will be installed. Indeed, concerning the choice of the components, each application provides for specific requirements according to the type of the transported material and its respective average weight, as well as to environmental and operating conditions. Then, these requirements are translated into technical specifications of the most suitable motors. Rulmeca offers a wide range of drum motors and motorized pulleys which are able to cover many bulk and unit handling applications, including the most different fields.

How to select motor for conveyor in unit handling applications

Unit handling applications refer to airports, warehouses and distribution centers, food industries, manufacturing and packaging industries aiming at moving low or medium load items independently, even in large quantities. Their main shared goal is to speed up transportation and sorting of their products, but they can differ in some specific aspects that have to be considered when selecting motor for conveyor. Many applications need highly resistant motors to aggressive conditions or wash-down procedures to be compliant with hygiene regulations: all Rulmeca drum motors are designed to perfectly operate in presence of water, dust, chemicals, oil and so on. Moreover, our offer includes both light components for small light/medium duty conveyors with non-continuous cycles and strong driving motors for continuous and high-duty cycles.

How to select motor for conveyor in bulk handling applications

The handling and transportation of dry materials such as coal, sand, gravel, clay, minerals, cement, salt, chemical, grain, flour, stones and so on through a conveyor system is part of the so-called bulk handling applications. Here, the main factors related to the essential issue of selecting the right motor for the conveyor are the type of transported material and the operating environment. Mines, cement industries, sugar and salt plants, steel and power plants and ports are all constantly exposed to very critic and aggressive conditions: transportation of high load materials, low or high temperatures, corrosive and abrasive agents such as dust, grain, chemicals, heat, humidity, salt water and so on. Rulmeca motorized pulleys for bulk applications are compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor drive units which are able to withstand all these harmful elements.

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