How to solve belt conveyor drives safety problems

Safety is an essential requirement for any bulk material handling application. Not only the equipment itself and the transported material but also operation and maintenance personnel and work environment must be protected. Belt conveyor drives are among the most critical components which can be responsible for serious safety problems. That’s why for decades Rulmeca has been developing and upgrading safe driving solutions for both new projects or revamping requests. Of course, our company is also at complete customers’ disposal to provide technical assistance in identifying the nature of their conveyor problem and consider the right product.

Identify the nature of the problem

First of all, it has to be assumed that traditional exposed belt conveyor drives are subject to safety problems sooner or later. Beyond the most expected and inevitable factor of age, there are different triggers that can be prevented or fixed by using more innovative solutions. On one hand, lack of regular and efficient maintenance can be damaging. This can depend on the work of reduced personnel in charge or inconvenient access walkway, especially if the drive is placed in high or restricted locations. On the other hand, harsh operating conditions have their impact on the performance and safety of belt conveyor drives. According to the specific application, there can be abundance of corrosive or abrasive materials, leaking or infiltration of dangerous agents (dust, dirt, moisture, water, oil, etc.), noise pollution, bad weather or extreme temperature.

Choose internally-powered conveyor belt drives

As alternative to fragile exposed belt conveyor drives, Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys are the best potential solution to safety problems in bulk handling applications. They are internally-powered drives having non-rotating shaft, no external pillows blocks and no external pitch points. Of course, enclosing motor and gearbox within a steel shell dampens their noise level creating a more silent workplace. Also, due to their hermetic seals complying with IP67 standard, Rulmeca Motorized Pulleys protect internal components and transported material against the ingress of dust, water and liquids, as well as the environment against oil spillage. All this results in a compact and space-saving design that, together with an integrated self-lubricating system, allows for low, easy and safe maintenance by personnel in charge.

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