What are benefits of using belt conveyor in food industry?

Belt conveyors have revolutionized food industry minimizing traditional human labor gradually and making the overall line of production, processing and packaging of foodstuff safer, faster and more efficient. Despite belt conveyors are a convenient material handling system by their nature, the real effectiveness of their benefits in food industry is strictly related to the quality and certified design of their components. Rulmeca products intended to unit handling applications also meet the specific requirements of food industry resulting in cost-effective and hygiene compliant solutions.

A cost-effective solution

Belt conveyors are designed to automize and execute the transportation of big quantities of foodstuff (both raw materials and finished products) between long distances at a faster pace compared to traditional manual handling. This simple higher capacity of belt conveyors corresponds to an increase of productivity levels. On one hand, the integration of belt conveyors in food industry activities allows to cut down human labor, consequently reducing possible accidents and downtimes along processes. On the other hand, by relying on modern, innovative and high-quality equipment, continuous and durable performances are granted even with minimum failure risks and energy costs. Rulmeca is exactly a leader about that: our designing and manufacturing activities are based on quality and innovation to always provide the best solutions to customers. The engineered design and the highly selected materials of our components for belt conveyors comply with the highest standards of quality and sustainability in terms of energy consumption and waste making them perfectly suitable for a demanding application like food industry.

More compliant with hygiene regulations

When it comes to food industry, strict hygiene standards need to be met to ensure that final products are fit for human consumption. Advancements in conveyor technology have helped more and more facilities to comply with such regulations. Belt conveyors allow for a safer and cleaner environment with less dirt accumulation which would lead to food contamination. First, these systems minimize human contact which is more likely to compromise food safety even unintentionally. Secondly, they can be easily cleaned with regular wash down operations. Again, conveyor components play a crucial role in this regard and Rulmeca products are the best proof. All our products, including motorized drive components, are designed to avoid the creation of rust, dust and bacteria inside dead spaces or corners, as well as resist and tolerate all cleaning operations with water and disinfectants.

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