What are conveyor rollers?

Material transportation and handling represents a crucial aspect in the processing, packaging and distributing phases of many industrial applications. One of the most employed types of conveyor systems are roller conveyors, whose name derives from their main components. But what are conveyor rollers and how they work? Rulmeca is happy to share the knowledge acquired through its long-time experience as one of the main producers of rollers and components for automated conveyor systems worldwide.

What are conveyor rollers

Roller conveyors are one of the most popular material handling systems. As their name suggests, they are made of a series of parallel rollers mounted in frames which provide an easy and fast handling and transportation of large volumes of different kinds of products. Let’s see in detail what they are and how they function. Intuitively, conveyor rollers are cylindrically shaped material handling components. Although they all share the similar working principle, conveyor rollers may be supported by a carrying structure which is driven by a chain, a belt or by gravity. Moreover, roller conveyors may be also motorized by drive rollers, whose integrated motor prevents the need of a further drive unit. Rulmeca, as leader manufacturer of rollers for conveyors, designs and produces all the above-mentioned solutions for the most diversified applications in terms of unit handling.

What industries are conveyor rollers used in

After having presented conveyor rollers, Rulmeca wants to introduce the main application fields they are commonly destined to. Nowadays, material transportation is the core business of several industries which need an appropriate equipment to be able to facilitate and speed up goods conveying operations. Since they can move different types and volumes of products, over long and short distances, conveyor rollers are widely used in multiple industries, especially in manufacturing and logistics fields. In particular, Rulmeca wide range of conveyor rollers, including different designs and construction materials, allows customized solutions for all the main unit handling applications: food and beverage industry, manufacturing and packaging industries, airports, postal sector, distribution centers and warehouses.

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