What does ESG stand for Rulmeca?

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a set of international standards to assess and measure the sustainability of the investments of a company. An ESG strategy includes all sustainable and ethical practices with a positive environmental and social impact and good corporate governance principles. Although Rulmeca has always been committed to these values, compliance with these criteria has now become a strategic goal because of their advantages in terms of corporate performance and investment. Let’s see in detail what does ESG stand for Rulmeca.

What does ESG stand for Rulmeca

Rulmeca expresses its affinity with ESG principles of environmental, social and governance sustainability. Of course, responsibility is what ESG stand for Rulmeca first: undertaking eco-friendly practices, inclusive and social oriented initiatives and legal corporate management means to be responsible towards the environment and the whole society. Secondly, ESG is synonym of growth for our company because it attracts customers, employees and investors who are sensitive to the risks related to current environmental and social challenges. Clients and workers respectively prefer to buy and work for companies with stronger commitment towards nature and people. Investors trust in high-performance and long-term investments in ESG companies guaranteeing less environmental or legal risks. Finally, ESG stands for future for Rulmeca: our company strives for a sustainable future and it will take action to achieve this new goal.

Rulmeca commitment to ESG

In company life, Rulmeca has always shared and applied sustainable and ethical values concerning environment, society and corporation responsibilities. In 2021, with ESG principles gaining real and measurable importance for business, our company launched a project aimed at verifying and documenting the adhesion of its organizational activities to these international standards. Until today, some initiatives and actions have already been undertaken by Rulmeca, but our company strives to grow its commitment to ESG in the future with new projects in order to level up its ESG parameters to optimal scores and contribute to the creation of a more and more sustainable world. Read the following related contents to discover what ESG stand for and how Rulmeca is specifically operating within each field.

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