What does sustainability mean in product design?

Rulmeca commitment to sustainability is implicit in its production of material handling components for conveyors. When it comes to material handling business, sustainability means reducing energy consumption while maintaining the same efficiency and having a positive impact on people and environment. Conveyor belts respond to these requirements and find help in Rulmeca high-quality components to fulfil them. Let’s see in detail what does sustainability mean in product design for our company.

A good choice to enhance sustainability

Conveyor belts are very sustainable material handling systems since they allow for eco-friendly production and safe work conditions. First, they entail less pollution and low energy consumption compared with other traditional solutions. They just not reduce CO2 and pollutant emissions and the amount of energy used, but they also imply less noise pollution which is an apparently invisible but as much dangerous risk. This results in a cost-effective solution, able to preserve natural resources, air quality and workers’ health. Moreover, operators can rely on the high security of conveyors which minimize the hazards associated with moving any kind of material because, requiring less direct human labor, they remove workers from direct exposure to dangerous conditions. Of course, a sustainable conveyor system comes with a high-quality design where any single component plays a key role in ensuring these advantages. Hereafter, Rulmeca introduces the advantages of its range of material handling components for conveyors explaining what does sustainability mean in product design.

What does sustainability mean in product design for Rulmeca

All Rulmeca material handling components for conveyors are produced according to the highest standards of quality and safety. This also means that sustainable aspects are considered in our product design. Low energy consumption is one of the main advantages of Rulmeca production. Electric motors of our drive rollers, drum motors and motorized pulleys are more efficient than traditional ones since they use less energy for the same performance. This helps to reduce power consumption and energy costs and has a positive impact on CO2 emissions safeguarding environment and operators. Rulmeca also works towards low noise pollution: from totally enclosed motors to specific low noise rollers, our components can give a significative decrease of vibrations and acoustic emissions during operations. Finally, Rulmeca only offers extremely safe belt conveyor parts. All rollers, drive components and additional accessories are designed to guarantee a smooth running of conveyors and avoid the spillage of the conveyed material, reducing waste of resources and protecting the environment and personnel.

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