What is a conveyor belt in recycling facilities?

By now conveyor systems have gained an important and useful application in recycling industry due to the possibility of enhance connection between operating stages and optimize the daily handling of high loads of waste materials. Behind the importance and efficiency of a system, there’s the choice of the right components.  Rulmeca is a leader producer of components for conveyor belts in recycling facitilies and its products suits even the most demanding applications where the transportation of aggressive materials is required.

What is conveyor belt in recycling facilities used for

Conveyors belts play a crucial role in recycling processes because they enable the transportation of large quantities and heavy loads of waste products from the loading dock to the sorting line, up to the crushing area. The use of conveyor systems not only helps connections between different stations on site, but also optimize material handling, increase storage capacities and reduce downtime during all operating phases. Of course, the efficiency of any system depends on the performance of its component parts. However, according to the type of the transported material, some applications are so demanding that components need to be specifically designed in order to avoid damages and standstill of the whole system. Indeed, in recycling industry, conveyors may be subjected to a large variety of waste products, including corrosive, abrasive or irregular shaped ones.

Rulmeca for the most demanding applications

Rulmeca is leader in the design, production and assembly of components for conveyor systems which are suitable for all recycling applications, even the most challenging ones. Indeed, Rulmeca rollers, motorized pulleys and all additional products can handle accumulation and high flow of several materials, including the most aggressive ones. The highly selected materials and resistant design withstand the corrosive and abrasive nature of aggregates like sand, gravel, clay and stone chippings, but also bricks, concrete, cement, asphalt, metals, wood, glass and much more. Thanks to their high efficiency and minimal wear, the use of Rulmeca components on a conveyor belt in recycling facilities ensures to limit the risk of damaging and compromising the functioning of the whole system in the long run.

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