What is a drive roller?

Drive roller, also known as motorized roller, is one of the most innovative technologies in the field of conveyor systems. Indeed, many unit handling applications rely on this product for its premium advantages. Exactly considering the potential and the high efficiency of this product, Rulmeca invests in its manufacturing, keeping on confirming itself as the best producer of conveyor components. So, let’s discover what is a drive roller!

What is a drive roller

As its name implies, a drive roller is a cylindrically-shaped component which drives a conveyor system. Unlike traditional idler rollers driven by an external power source, a drive roller is an automated modular unit which gets a direct driving mechanical input from an internal electric motor. That’s why this product is also called motorized roller. As a result, its movement causes a sort of chain reaction throughout the conveyor system it is attached to without requiring further drive units. Due to its special design, high performance and excellent advantages in terms of space, safety and energy efficiency, the drive roller represents an important innovation in the technology of conveyors, especially for all industrial applications dealing with unit handling, including airports, food and beverage industries, warehouses and distribution centers and manufacturing and packaging companies.

Benefits of RDR Drive Roller

Rulmeca, acting as global leader in manufacturing rollers for conveyors, is the best source to rely on to better understand what is a drive roller and where its potential lies. Rulmeca Drive Roller incorporates a high-performance electrically-safe 24V DC low-voltage brushless motor within its 50 mm Ø tube. This integrated and compact design ensures no need of further drive units, less noisiness of the system and more safety for operators. Our RDR Drive Roller gives also a great advantage in terms of economy and optimization, since it’s directly interfaced with PLC or simple switches and all necessary protections for the correct operation of the item are integrated. However, besides other possible additional supporting elements, the external RMC (Rulmeca Motion Control) electronic board is available to further optimize control and interface to the system. Hence, Rulmeca Drive Roller can be certainly considered an important innovation in the wide sector of conveyors.

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