What is Rulmeca Drive Roller used for?

Rulmeca Drive Roller is an innovative and performing system to motorize conveyors for unit handling processes. It’s a motorized roller whose 24V DC low-voltage integrated brushless motor is able to transmit the required power for the system to run without involving further drive units. This component is fully configurable in complete safety and with the utmost efficiency according to the operating conditions of each specific application, allowing for the automation of plenty of production and logistics processes.

Different operating patterns

Rulmeca Drive Roller is widely used as motion transmission system of roller conveyors as it can be connected to belt or chain driven rollers. However, it also works on small conveyor belts which are intended to move light loads and have flexible and not over tensioned belts. Our device can move items with different weight, size, material and base profile. According to these data, low, medium or high speeds can be either set or varied by the client and constant high torque is ensured throughout the speed range by the powerful brushless motor. Moreover, considering the type of use of conveyors, Rulmeca Drive Roller is suitable for plants requiring continuous running service and frequent start and stop cycles as well, keeping its high efficiency and reliability. Finally, it doesn’t need the use of external electronic boards because it’s directly interfaced with PLC or simple switches. However, possible components in support are available allowing for the realization of more complex systems for the most demanding and precise applications: Rulmeca Motion Control (RMC-BL3) card, Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) card, ASI BUS interface.

Industrial applications of Rulmeca Drive Roller

Thanks to its wide possible configurations, Rulmeca Drive Roller lends itself to a large variety of unit handling applications. The main intended use of our motorized roller is logistics, a crucial process in most sectors, where efficient and compact solutions are needed to rapidly pick, sort and move the most various goods and items. First, typical applications include postal and e-commerce sectors, warehouses and distribution centers where any type of documentation, parcels, boxes and packages are handled. In addition, also airports logistics takes advantage from Rulmeca Drive Roller to automate and accelerate daily check-in, screening, loading, unloading and sorting operations of big quantities of baggage. Finally, our solution is widely used in manufacturing industry in general where conveyor systems are placed along the production and packaging line. This also includes specific industrial fields requiring compact solutions, such as electronics, pharmaceutical and automotive industries to name but some.

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