What type of conveyor belts are used in cement industry?

The use of belt conveyors in cement plants is certainly the most rapid and cost-effective bulk handling solution compared to alternative ones, but it’s important to know what type of conveyor belts are used in cement industry. As leader designer and manufacturer of components for conveyor systems, Rulmeca proposes new technologies and innovations to meet the high standards of this sector which is gaining continuous and growing importance in the international economy.

What conveyor belts are used in cement industry

As most bulk handling applications, cement industry is a very challenging field due to its critical operating conditions, especially the type and load of the transported material and the complex manufacturing process involving different conveyor systems. Given that, what type of conveyor belts are used in cement industry? First of all, conveyor systems connect all equipment of the cement production line as a whole, from raw materials extraction from quarry, to material crushing treatment, to shipment to the cement plant. Therefore, belt conveyors in cement plants are mainly used for long-distance and continuous transportation of heavy-duty bulk materials and must be able to handle their heavy impact on the belt. Moreover, cement conveyor belts have to be very resistant to heat and corrosion. Otherwise, dust creation and abrasive effect of raw materials and high processing temperature may cause the rapid wear of systems and the consequent reduction of production performance. Of course, the right selection of all components of conveyors is fundamental to guarantee the presence of these features.

Rulmeca components for cement conveyor belts

Having said what type of conveyor belts are used in cement industry to tackle its challenging operating conditions, the most suitable components manufactured by Rulmeca are presented hereafter. Rulmeca production includes motorized pulleys and rollers whose optimal design and highly quality materials are specifically selected to offer high strength and resistance qualities to withstand heavy-duty continuous operations and tough conditions of cement facilities. The innovative totally enclosed design of motorized pulleys compared to traditional drives and the efficient sealing system of rollers ensure high thermal protection as well as dust, abrasion and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the wide range of Rulmeca rollers includes specific models to absorb the heavy impact of cement on the belt, as well as special rollers to correct the possible loss of balance caused by workload. In conclusion, both Rulmeca motorized pulleys and rollers provide high performances, excellent conveyor smooth running, safe operations, long serving life and reliability with low need of maintenance interventions and relative costs.

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