Why cleaning of belt is necessary for belt conveyor?

Nowadays, efficient belt cleaning devices are indispensable in most conveyor installations. The resulting increasing demands of customers, including both conveyor manufacturer and end users, push the main producers of components for conveyors to provide specific cleaning systems as well. But why cleaning of belt is necessary for belt conveyor? As a global leader producer of components and accessories for conveyor systems, Rulmeca will answer the question proposing its most efficient solutions.

Why cleaning of belt is necessary for belt conveyor

The resolution of carryback problem is a common challenge in most conveyor installations, especially those handling wet or sticky bulk materials. In other words, a small percentage of the conveyed material is usually not discharged with the bulk of the load stream and adheres to the belt surface. This results in the need of frequent downtime for maintenance and clean-up operations, with consequent loss of production. Indeed, the accumulation of dirt and residual material on the return strand may damage other components, such as rollers and idlers, and may jeopardize the functioning of the whole conveyor. Moreover, the added weight of the material stuck to the belt makes the conveyor work harder and use more energy. In conclusion, the use of efficient cleaning devices is needed to prevent and reduce material loss and damaging accumulation in the conveyor line.

The most efficient belt cleaners for conveyors

When cleaning of belt is necessary for belt conveyor, Rulmeca is a point of reference for many industries worldwide. The integration of our specific belt cleaners and scrapers is the ideal solution for most industrial applications due to advantages and savings they ensure. The choice of a cleaning device depends on the efficiency required and the conveyed material itself; that’s why Rulmeca provides different types of belt cleaners which are suitable for any type of bulk application. In general, all our cleaning devices have highly flexible and efficient hard steel or polyurethane scraper blades for single and reversible belts which guarantee up to 98% cleaning rate when coupled. The excellent elimination of carryback protects the conveyor from wear, improves energy saving and minimizes the cost of clean and maintenance services.

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