Why is ESG important for consumers?

Not only the company adopting an ESG strategy but all its main partners, including employees and customers, take advantages from sustainable and ethical principles. In particular, why is ESG important for consumers? Basically, promoting a sustainable and responsible business is a key component of brand reputation which concretely influences consumers buying decisions and helps building trusted relationships. Let’s see in detail what aspects customers use to take into consideration.

Why is ESG important for consumers

Customers are more and more sensitive to current environmental, social and political issues. That’s why ESG is important for consumers to the point that it has become a driver of their buying decision making and gained a strong impact on their purchase experience. Consumers do not just look for functional benefits of products or services anymore, but also pay real attention to how brands act in terms of environmental sustainability, social ethic and legal transparency. Most are more likely to buy from companies which are committed to these concerns through real corporate behaviors and initiatives. Therefore, nowadays companies need to stick and share the values across ESG components that consumers believe in, in order to meet their expectations and create strong and trusted relationships. This is what Rulmeca carries out: with full awareness of ESG importance for both acquired and potential consumers, our company boosts its attention to these values that has always characterized it actually.

Rulmeca is a real catch for consumers

The first reason why ESG is important for consumers lies in environmental sustainability. Consumers try to reduce their impact on the environment through their habits, starting from purchase. From this perspective, they tend to rely on companies aiming at their same goal. Rulmeca is a prime example in this sense since it invests in sustainable producing processes, use of renewable sources and daily eco-friendly initiatives to primarily reduce the waste of resources and pollution. Besides environmental protection, also social justice and ethical management are meaningful to consumers. There’s a spread tendency among purchasers to favor companies promoting respect for human rights, inclusivity and refusal of any kind of discrimination, meritocracy, equal salary, transparency and legal compliance. Rulmeca makes all these principles part of its corporate culture and governance decisions in order to enhance its brand reputation and build trusting and loyal customer relationships.

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