Why work for a sustainable company with ESG values?

Eco-friendly and socially responsible companies whose mission and philosophy are focused on ESG principles attract new employees and retains existing ones. Besides promoting green initiatives most employees are sensitive to by now, such companies take on ethical behaviors which help them to feel confident, involved and appreciated within their team. That’s what happens in Rulmeca: discover why work for a sustainable company like ours is gratifying.

Why work for a sustainable company

ESG companies are worker-oriented: they are careful about wellness of its collaborators and aim at creating a comfortable work environment which makes their everyday work-life positive. This ensures employees a high degree of satisfaction and, as a result, it increases their productivity. In particular, social and governance components of an ESG strategy, which respectively consider relationships and corporate management, are based on the essential principles of equity, inclusivity and meritocracy resulting from respect for human rights, gender parity, refusal of any kind of discrimination and equal salary. Moreover, companies moving towards ESG criteria tend to give importance to working conditions and safety on work place. Of course, among the reasons why work for a sustainable company is preferable, also environmental sustainability does its part: most employees, as citizens, are sensitive to this issue and working for a company which shares their values and promotes green initiatives may increase their pride and sense of belonging.

Rulmeca cares about its employees

Rulmeca considers its employees to be the heart the success of the business. That’s why our company supports and nurtures them through a good work-life and an inclusive and safe work environment. Our corporate culture is focused on diversity, involvement, mutual respect and meritocracy. Rulmeca offers equal opportunities for growth to all its collaborators and rewards individual and team merit while respecting cultural and religious identity of each one with no discrimination. Moreover, as integral part of the group, collaborators are directly engaged by Rulmeca in activities which can contribute to the achievement of corporate goals. First among everything, green initiatives are those which concerns employees more closely and can involve them practically in their everyday life due to the current spread importance of environmental sustainability issue in world community. Now that we have rapidly explained you why work for our sustainable company is gratifying for our collaborators, learn more about our corporate ESG choices.

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