3DDrawings platform: we give shape to your project

Orientation to technical support of customers is one of the strengths that has always characterized Rulmeca. In order to further enhance this service, the company has upgraded its resources to provide better assistance in the purchase phase in terms of quality of information and speed of response. Thanks to 3DDrawings digital platform, Rulmeca offers to its customers, both manufacturers and end users, an innovative support tool for the configuration of belt conveyors.

What it is

3DDrawings is Rulmeca digital platform where it’s possible to view and download standard Unit components drawings in the main 3D and 2D formats: https://3ddrawings.rulmeca.com/
The platform is open to everyone: the only requirement to have access and use the service is the free registration to the portal. In this way, each user has a personal area where to store downloads to quickly retrieve necessary information at any time.
By accessing the complete catalog and selecting the category of interest, it’s possible to quickly find the ideal product for your project. Alternatively, an area dedicated to unit handling applications is available and allows identifying the most suitable solution for your industrial field. Once the product has been selected and its features have been configurated, it’s possible to choose in which format to download the drawing.

At the moment, just our selection of rollers and accessories designed to set up unit handling conveyors is available, whereas the part concerning the production of bulk handling components is available on the external platform of Cadenas.

The advantages of the service

For Rulmeca customers, who can already benefit from the experience and the know-how of the technical team to select the most suitable product for their needs, 3DDrawings platform is certainly an added value. The access to 2D and 3D formats of products represents an excellent basis for the exact assessment of any single component and the whole project, thus making the final construction work more efficient and precise. They are mappings and realistic models which capture, recreate and communicate the features and data about the dimension and shape of product visually, as clearly and effectively as possible. Whilst on one hand technical drawings allow Rulmeca to communicate product’s specifications exhaustively, on the other hand they allow the customer to perceive its size development and check its functionality and adaptability providing a concrete and nearly real plan of the final project.

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