All about Big Blue Ocean Cleanup partnership

Rulmeca is sponsor and official partner of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations working to prevent and minimize the damages caused to marine environment by climate change, overfishing, pollution and everything negative that can originates from an excessive and unbalanced exploitation of available natural resources. This partnership is a further demonstration of Rulmeca strong and wide commitment to environmental sustainability.

Two leaders, a single goal

Marine pollution is anything but an isolated case. This problem affects all continents and therefore requires collective awareness and contribution to be resolved. With bases in the UK, Canada, Malaysia and Australia, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup takes a global approach to create a massive and real change for oceans. On its part, Rulmeca concretely supports the organization and uses its international presence in its reference market to attract the interest of old and new generations regarding the important of protecting and restoring the health of marine wildlife.

One goal, many actions

Assuming that we all have the responsibility to care for our planet as citizens of the world, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup engages professional and volunteers of all ages to run thousands of cleanup activities in over 100 countries every year. The organization provides the international teams with the relevant equipment needed and on the ground support to clear out rubbish from beaches and oceans. Trying to inspire also the next generation to take action, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup enhances education about marine pollution in thousands of schools each year providing teachers and parents with free and open-source educational resources. Alongside civic engagement, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup runs a scientific research program which is able to assess the effects that pollution has on marine life and a technology development program to come up with more sustainable ways which continues favoring human development without further damaging the environment.

Rulmeca contribution

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup works with some of the biggest companies around the globe to create partnerships which support its goals with funding and brand visibility. Rulmeca revealed to be the perfect partner since it firstly shares the values and chases the mission of environmental sustainability. In occasion of its 60th anniversary, Rulmeca has made a donation to Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, an important resource to invest in all its various activities and initiatives. Not just that. Due to its strong reputation and its international presence, Rulmeca acts as sounding-board for Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. This official partnership helps to increase the credibility, relevance and popularity of the organization. Therefore, sponsoring it in and out of Rulmeca companies means raising global awareness about pollution problem and attracting its many international employees, partners and customers to support the sustainable initiatives of the organization through real participation or personal donations.

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