Nord Gabon Floating Transfer Station Project

Rulmeca components for bulk handling belt conveyors are not just meant to withstand typical heavy loads of such applications. Variable environmental conditions are also considered to design and manufacture a complete and flexible range of products. Onshore and offshore plants are now among the most common applications requiring the use of belt conveyors to speed up import and export operations and meet the increasing demand of raw materials worldwide. Here, the salty, humid, and corrosive nature of the marine environment comes into play as additional crucial factor in the selection of the right components.

Rulmeca supply to Sammi Group

Sammi has now established its brand as a benchmark in bulk handling industry through the design and manufacturing of conveyor solutions and plants in Italy and abroad. Leader-to-leader in the field, Sammi called Rulmeca for the supply of components for belt conveyors of a floating transfer station. The plant was intended to handle and convey extracted bulk minerals, more precisely manganese, bauxite, iron ore and coal, across a well-structured path of conveyors until a cargo ship. The complexity of Sammi target plant and the related application conditions required the integration of multiple components differing in function to ensure its efficiency and economy of use.

Selected products for onshore belt conveyors

Key elements in the decision-making process were high load capacity of belt conveyors (exceeding 1000 t/h each) to handle heavy and large lumps and resistance to the aggressive nature of both transported minerals and surrounding marine environment. These conditions were granted by the use of the following Rulmeca products:


smooth running

selected materials


sealed design

Belt tracking

maintenance costs

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Nord Gabon floating transfer station project

Trusting on previous successful collaborations with Rulmeca, Sammi Group relied on our company to complete the design and realization of a complex turn-key system installed on a floating transfer station to handle dry bulk materials. The choice allowed the customer to find the fitting solutions for its plant within a wide range of components for heavy-duty applications in extreme environments.

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