Deep dive into Rulmeca partnership with Race for Oceans

Rulmeca is sponsor and official partner of Race for Oceans, a non-profit organization whose mission is the protection and restoration of the health of seas and oceans. This partnership is an important part of Rulmeca representing the commitment of the company to environmental sustainability. Nowadays, life below water is one of the main environmental concerns, indeed: marine biodiversity is more and more threatened by climate change, overfishing and pollution and many organizations are taking a positive action to save and protect it.

Fighting for the same goal

The protection of marine environment against the negative footprint of mankind is a global challenge that requires an ambitious global effort. Based in Løkken, Denmark, Race for Oceans wants to spread the word all over the world and raise global awareness about such an important concern. The goals of Race for Oceans perfectly match Rulmeca: our company has environmental sustainability into its corporate core values and through its international presence can give voice to the problem and drive collective action to fix it.

How the organization works

Race for Oceans is built on volunteers and a strong cooperation with organizations and companies working with sustainable development goals. First, several initiatives are organized combining sports and traditional cleanup activities, all aiming at the collection of plastic and garbage from beaches and oceans. Such initiatives are free of charge and involve both professionals and volunteers (companies, students, local citizens or foreigners) to create a passionate and motivated team strongly believing in the cause. Also, voluntary individual or collective donations support the project, especially helping the investment on scientific research and development of innovative technologies to accelerate the achievement of the goals. Finally, Race for Oceans leans on official partnerships with several companies. Besides providing a practical contribution, such companies help the organization to make people aware of the problem and its long-term consequences and to persuade anyone to take action to support the future of the planet.

The role of Rulmeca

As official sponsor, our company boosts the organization’s credibility and drives its many international employees, partners and customers to support the project by taking part to the initiatives or simply offering personal donations. Of course, the strong and wide commitment to environmental sustainability and the alignment with the values and the mission of Race for Oceans by Rulmeca play a key role in this sense. However, besides an ideological affinity, Rulmeca also gives its personal and tangible contribution. As proof of that, in occasion of its 60th anniversary, Rulmeca has made a donation to the organization.

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